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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Responsible Conduct of Research Policies

It is essential that all researchers have a heightened knowledge of, and sensitivity to, the many issues surrounding the responsible conduct of research, thus significantly improving their ability to make the best ethical and legal choices in the face of conflicts involving scientific research. This includes developing an appreciation for the range of accepted scientific practices for conducting research, and being knowledgeable about the regulations, policies, statutes, and guidelines that govern the conduct of University sanctioned research.
Data Acquisition, Ownership, & Management; Responsible Authorship; Peer Review; Scientific Misconduct
Conflict of Interest or Commitment
Mentor / Trainee Responsibilities
Intellectual Property
Fiscal Responsibility
Research Involving Human Subjects
Research Involving Animals
Responsible Conduct of Research
Environmental Health & Safety
Research Collaborations & Social Responsibility

Other Policies & Procedures