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Kansas State University Orchestra

Students from all majors are invited to audition for the Kansas State University Orchestra. The orchestra of nearly 80 students performs five concerts a year in McCain Auditorium under the leadership of Dr. David Littrell. The orchestra frequently collaborates with theatre, dance, and choir, and plays a mix of modern selections and classical favorites.


The CONCERTO CONTEST will be held Tuesday, November 14, 5:30 pm in Kirmser Hall. Winners will perform on the February 20, 2018 concert. There will be no Aria Contest this year because vocal students and faculty will be soloists for the December 5 Rodgers & Hammerstein concert.


  • The KSU Orchestra Concerto Contest is open to any junior, senior or graduate KSU student who must be enrolled in applied music as a full-time student, and be a member of a large ensemble, during the 2017-2018 school year. Previous winners may not compete.
  • An instrumentalist will play:  [1] one movement from a large work for instrument and orchestra OR [2] a complete concerto or piece, if short, e.g., a Baroque concerto.
  • Winners will perform on either the February 20 concert.
  • Obtain application forms from Dr. Littrell’s door after November 6. Applications are due in Dr. Littrell's mailbox no later than Monday noon, November 13. Late entries will not be accepted.
  • You must perform your music by memory for both the audition and the concert.
  • You must check first with Dr. Littrell about the suitability of your selection.
  • It is your responsibility to set up a rehearsal with Ms. Amanda Arrington or your pianist several days in advance of the contest—no last minute rehearsals as a courtesy to Ms. Arrington.