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Non-Traditional & Veteran Student Services


Non-Traditional & Veteran Student Services


Rodrigo WW 2016

 Congratulations to Francis Rodrigo, winner of the 2016

Wounded Warrior Scholarship.


Our Mission

We pride ourselves on being a central point of information, providing you with opportunities and resources, and to address any question or concern you may have about being a non-traditional student at K-State. We are committed to supporting and encouraging your higher education journey. We can connect you not only to the campus, but to the surrounding community as well. We value and appreciate the skills, talent, and knowledge that you bring to K-State!

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Veteran Welcome Back Reception: Fall 2016



Veterans Center

The Veterans Center seeks to be a centralized location for meeting the needs of veteran and military-affiliated students on campus.

Faculty, staff and students should feel free to contact the Veterans Center with any questions. If we can't provide you the resource you are seeking, we will connect you with those who can. 

Located in the Student Union on the 2nd floor (across from OSAS).


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Flint Hills G.I. Rights Hotline

Get information and assistance on: Hardship Discharge, Medical Discharge, Sexual Orientation, Conscientious Objection, Entry Level Separation, AWOL/UA, Discrimination, Delayed Entry Program, and GI Rights.


Movie Night - Nov.18

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