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Music Education

About the Music Education Program

Kansas State University is at the forefront of music education, producing music teachers that that have the confidence, skill, and philosophic foundation for guiding students' to aesthetically experience music and develop outstanding performance skills. Flexible programs offer a wide array of coursework as well as options the comprehensive PreK-12 certification. Classes are small so that students receive individual attention from faculty who are vitally interested in issues of creative and critical thinking, philosophically based education, student-centered learning, issues of social context, and music technology. 

Undergraduate Program

Kansas State University's undergraduate program offers distinct advantages. Not only does its high standards far exceed state and national requirements, but allows for more field experiences in four years than are generally found in other programs. The degree can be completed in four years, but many elect a 4 1/2 or 5 year program. Collaborations with in across the state provide many opportunities for practice teaching. Job placement each year is 100%.

For more information, contact Phillip Payne at ppayne@ksu.edu.

Important Note

The Music Education Program is closely aligned with the College of Education teacher education unit. All of the necessary forms can be found at this link


Graduate Programs

Graduate study in music education offers the flexibility to tailor your studies to your professional interests. After completing master’s study, many Kansas State University graduates pursue advanced degrees or professional roles in research, conducting, pedagogy, or administration. Doctoral graduates are placed in prestigious colleges and universities worldwide to contribute to teaching, research, and professional leadership.

The Master of Music in Music Education

The master’s degree program provides a strong foundation in philosophy, research, teaching, conducting, and curriculum design. In planning an appropriate course of study, students may draw upon the resources of the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, as well as the entire University to meet individual professional interests and needs. There are three options for individuals interested in the Master of Music with a focus in Music Education:

  • A two-year program open to individuals who have already completed a bachelor’s degree in music education and who hold teaching certification. This program can be completed within an academic year of three quarters. A typical load is four graduate courses per quarter with required participation in ensembles.
  • A three-summer program for individuals who already hold a teaching certificate in music and who wish to continue in their current teaching positions during the academic year. In this program, students typically take 12 credits per summer.
  • A three-year program with certification for individuals with a completed bachelor’s degree in music but who do not have teaching certification. Program requirements include the core graduate courses as well as methods classes, field experiences, and at least a quarter of full-time student teaching. This program can also be achieved as certification-only.

Additional information about this program can be found on our graduate webpage.

The PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with a cognate in Music

The PhD program in music education is one of the most comprehensive and practical anywhere. Focused on teaching music, it combines coursework within the Kansas State University School of Music, Theatre, and Dance with programs from the College of Education.

For more information on the PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with a Cognate in Music, contact Frederick Burrack at fburrack@ksu.edu.