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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Kansas State University Symphony Orchestra
School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Kansas State University
109 McCain Auditorium
1601 Goldstein Circle
Manhattan, KS  66506




Scholarship Auditions

 Scholarship Awards Days

Fall 2018: tba

Spring 2019: tba


Other times may be arranged by emailing Ms. Dirks at email address tbd. Although a personal audition is best, a DVD or a private-viewing YouTube video may be sent if the distance is too great to visit Kansas State University.

Audition repertoire

  1. Two three-octave major scales and one three-octave melodic minor scale
  2. Concerto movement or equivalent piece
  3. Contrasting piece or etude. No accompanist is necessary.

Orchestra scholarships are available for both music majors and non-majors. Please audition before February 15, 2018, which is the cutoff date for scholarship considerations. Please email Ms. Sharyn Worcester at ses8555@ksu.edu which is the preferred method to calling her at (785) 532-3823 to make an audition appointment.



Ms. Rachel Dirks
109 McCain; School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
1501 Goldstein Circle
Kansas State University; Manhattan KS 66506-4702
Email: to be determined
Fax: (785) 532-6899