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HOW TO: Make Your Presentation Viewable to Others

Video: How to Make a Mediasite Recording Viewable (2:47)

When you upload a video file to Mediasite, or if you record a presentation using the Mediasite Desktop Recorder software, the visibility of the resulting presentation on the server will default to "Private," meaning only you can watch it. This is a precaution to allow you adequate time to review and make revisions before displaying the presentation to others.

To allow students and others to view your presentation, you must change the presentation's visibility status to "Viewable." The instructions below describe how to set a presentation to Viewable.

  1. Navigate to your MyMediasite portal. If you access Mediasite through K-State Online Canvas, you can reach your MyMediasite portal from the "MyMediasite" link located in your course's left-side navigation menu.

  2. Find your presentation in the list of Mediasite content. You can navigate to the channel or shared folder that contains the presentation, or you can search for it using the search function at the top-left of the portal

  3. Under each presentation, the presentation's visibility status is displayed in a drop-down menu. Click on your presentation's visibility status and select "Viewable"
    Set presentation visibility

Important Note: By default, viewing Mediasite presentations requires a valid K-State eID and password. If you intend to distribute your Mediasite presentation to individuals who do not have an eID, or if you intend to place the presentation on a public-facing website, you will need to adjust the security permissions so people will not be prompted to provide an eID and password.