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Summer 2006

Kansas State University:
Making America safer



K-State centers, programs: Making America safer

Center coordinates K-State's safety and security efforts

Center looking to bring together two factions in biosecurity

K-State's Biosecurity Research Institute to provide research, training space for food safety and security efforts

Frequently asked questions regarding Biosecurity Research Institute

K-State researchers working to keep airliner air quality healthy, safe

Nationwide help an e-mail away for Kansas plants

Institute leads K-State's efforts in food science

K-State to offer securities studies major with master's program, first doctorate program in nation

K-State research: Making America safer

K-State professor assists war on terror with bomb detection research

K-State professor's research into cooperative, uncooperative facial expressions could help fight terrorism

K-State researchers using GIS to locate sites for carcass disposal

K-State's National Gas Machinery Laboratory plays key role in defense of nation's natural gas pipelines

K-State professor using satellite imagery to research how changes in land use, land cover affect human, food security

K-State professors working on sensor-based system to monitor livestock herds

K-State business researchers work to improve numbers of food supply veterinarians in Kansas and around country

K-State ramps up its role in livestock ID effort

K-State professor says Russia, United States can learn from each other in fighting terrorism

K-State expertise: Making K-State safer

Straight talk: K-State experts discuss agroterrorism and its financial implications

K-State professor offers expertise on what to say during a crisis

K-State expert explains psychology of consumer food safety attitudes

K-State security scholarships: Making America safer

K-State students receive awards through national security departments

Perspective: Justin Kastner

Food safety and security -- from 'The Jungle' to the plains

Links: Making America safer

National Agricultural Biosecurity Center

Biosecurity Research Institute

Food Safety & Security

Food Science Institute

K-State veterinary diagnostic lab

Public health and veterinary alerts

Audio reports

K-State agricultural research helping to maintain the safety of our food supply -- text -- audio

Economic impact of a terrorist attack on the heartland -- text -- audio

K-State professor develops inexpensive gamma ray detector -- text -- audio

Communicating information to the public during a potentially hazardous event -- text -- audio



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