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The Konza Prairie Biological Station




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Fungi necessary

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Life on the Konza


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Konza Prairie Biological Station

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Konza Prairie Biological Station experts



David C. Hartnett
Konza biological station director

Donald Kaufman
professor of biology

Chris Smith
professor of biology

Robert Robel
professor of environmental biology

John Blair
professor of biology

Charles Rice
professor of agronomy

Valerie Wright
Konza environmental educator, adjunct professor of entomology

Walter Dodds
professor of biology

Glennis Kaufman
research assistant professor of biology

Mark Mayfield
research assistant professor and plant identification expert

Kimberly A. With
associate professor of biology

Loretta Johnson
associate professor of biology

Christopher Guy
associate professor of ecology at Montana State University and Montana University, adjunct assistant professor of biology at K-State

John Briggs
associate professor of plant biology at Arizona State University, adjunct professor of biology at K-State

Carolyn J. Ferguson
assistant professor of biology, K-State herbarium curator



June 2002