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Kansas State University

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students in front of glass building with older building in reflection

Students learn about the European business market during spring break trip as part of a K-State international business course

By Nellie Ryan


Kansas State University students traveled to Europe over spring break as part of an international business course taught by Swinder Janda, professor of marketing and the Paul Edgerley Chair in Global Business in K-State's College of Business Administration.

Janda said the goals of the trip were to expose students to global businesses and organizations, have students experience several foreign cultures, and to help students learn more about international business through a fun and involving experience.

The Europe trip included the cities of London, Brussels and Munich. While in London, students toured the Fuller Brewery. In Brussels, the group visited the European Commission. Students also had the chance to tour BMW Corporation's global headquarters in Munich, along with the BMW Welt and the BMW Museum.

Janda is active in leading study abroad opportunities for K-State students; this was the sixth time he has led a group of K-State students on a study abroad program. He said is a strong believer in the importance of study abroad experiences for students of all educational backgrounds.

"It opens students' minds to the fact that our way of doing things here in America is not the only way," Janda said. "It is important for students to develop skills to interact with people in other cultures who may have different norms and values than we do here in the U.S., and studying abroad is thus a lesson in diversity."

Janda also said that studying abroad can positively affect students' sense of self-confidence and self-reliance because they are forced to navigate in an environment different from their own.