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Kansas State University

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Textile Laboratories

Director: Gita Ramaswamy
Address: Justin Hall, rooms 226, 227, 251, 230, 231 and 234
Phone number: 785-532-1326


The College of Human Ecology has six textile laboratories that were founded in the 1980s. The labs are used for teaching and research. Some contract testing is also done in the laboratories.

Lab 2, located in Justin 227 houses spectrophometers, ovens, fiber carding equipment, testafabrics and journals. The product development lab, Justin 251, contains two fume hoods, two carver presses, melt-extruders, textile finishing and dyeing equipment and chemical cabinets and glassware. Lab 4, Justin 230, is the conditioning room. It houses all performance testing equipment including the Instron. The temperature and humidity of the room are maintained for proper testing conditions. Justin 231 is the laundry room. It contains the wheatherometer and the dyeing launderometer. The printing lab and the gas chromatography room are located in Justin 234. There is also an environmental chamber for insect testing and the flammability testing equipment.

Examples of research include wheat straw product development, insect repellant fabric development, automotive and aircraft textiles performance testing, electro-spinning of nano-fibers, antimicrobial textiles and finishes, flame resistance and bed-clothing testing (filled products) and natural fiber product development.