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Kansas State University

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Kansas Advanced Semiconductor Coordinated Laboratory

Principal Investigator: Hongxing Jiang
Phone number: 785-532-1627


The Kansas Advanced Semiconductor Coordinated Laboratory is an interdisciplinary research group in advanced semiconductors in Kansas. It is dedicated to the advancement of the group III-nitride wide band gap semiconductor technologies.

The coordinated laboratory consists of faculty from the disciplines of physics, chemical engineering, electrical and computer engineering and mechanical engineering who are all experts in the area of advanced semiconductor materials synthesis and characterization, device processing and fabrication and simulation and modeling. It is based on a strong infrastructure of collaborative research and education programs.

Research by members of the coordinated laboratory is related to studies in the forefront research of III-nitride materials science and device physics. Collectively, the work of members includes more that 80 journal papers, three books and dozens of invited presentations at national and international conferences.