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Kansas State University

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National Gas Machinery Lab

Director: Kirby Chapman
Address: 245 Levee Drive
Phone number: 532-2319


The National Gas Machinery Laboratory was established in 1995. It is a research institute of the College of Engineering. The laboratory is funded by the U.S. natural gas pipeline industry to develop needed strategies and technologies to support the $200 billion U.S. natural gas transmission infrastructure.

The National Gas Machinery Laboratory focuses on energy transmission and distribution. The laboratory also conducts research involving the use of natural gas in the heating and cooling of buildings and industrial processes. Projects include improving the air flow rate through the large bore engines used to transport natural gas and petroleum products, optimizing pipeline operation, developing highly efficient methods to heat and cool buildings, and strategies to lower and monitor pollutant emissions from combustion processes. The laboratory also features the Turbocharger Test and Research Facility, a unique facility that is capable of evaluating and testing the full performance range of turbochargers that weigh up to 10 tons.