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Kansas State University

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Microscopy Facility

Director: Daniel L. Boyle
Address: Ackert Hall
Phone number: 785-532-0134 (office), 785-532-6647 (lab)


The Microscopy Facility is available to K-State students and faculty, as well as individuals from state and outside institutions.

The facility provides equipment and staff to aid with research microscopy and imaging needs, including use of transmission electron, fluorescence and confocal microscopes, specimen preparation, film development and enlargement of images onto photographic paper and image analysis and processing. Staff also provides training to individuals or groups for the equipment and techniques available in the facility. Other services include technical consultation in experimental design, data analysis and interpretation, and manuscript and grant preparation for researchers seeking to use microscopy to address research questions. Fees are applicable and vary by service.

K-State's Microscopy Facility is supported in part by the Kansas National Science Foundation EPSCoR Program, the Kansas NASA EPSCoR Program, K-State and by the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station.