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Kansas State University

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High Energy Physics Group

Principal investigator: Tim Bolton
Address: 116 Cardwell Hall
Phone number: 785-532-1664


The High Energy Physics Group was established in 1994 and is component of the physics department. The High Energy Physics Group consists of 15 members, which include faculty, postdoctoral research associates, graduate and undergraduate students, technicians, a computer systems administrator and an administrative assistant.

Undergraduate and graduate students who are part of the High Energy Physics Group bring their expertise from the field of physics into the classroom. Members of the group teach the biggest three introductory courses in the physics department (Physical World, General Physics and Engineering Physics).

In addition to teaching classes and labs, the undergraduate and graduate students have very direct involvement on research projects. The students learn specific technical skills and obtain a good sense of what a research and development career would be like.

The High Energy Physics Group's research focuses on hadron collider physics and research and development in future linear collider and neutrino experiments.