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Electronics Design Laboratory

Director: Tim J. Sobering
Address: 124 and 128 Burt Hall
Phone number: 785-532-7826

The Electronics Design Laboratory was created in 1996 to support research and development programs within the Kansas Regents university system and for industry customers. The laboratory provides expertise in low noise high performance analog systems, computer aided design and simulation, full electronics prototyping and packaging, wiring board design and layout, programmable logic device and embedded system design, network, spectrum and impedance analysis and arbitrary waveform generators for complex system testing.

Projects range from developing support hardware for airborne biological weapon detection systems, electronics for microgravity experiments, sensors for state of health monitoring in automotive air condition systems and detectors for characterizing soot -- environmental and pollution research.

The lab provides services to a mixture of on-campus researchers across a wide variety of departments in the Agriculture, Engineering, Arts and Sciences, Veterinary Medicine and Human Ecology colleges. They also work with government agencies -- typically U.S. Department of Energy Labs -- and private firms including Kansas start-up companies.

The Electronics Design Laboratory is under the vice provost for research at K-State.