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Kansas State University

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Air quality


Kenneth J. Klabunde, university distinguished professor of chemistry, has pioneered research on microscopic nanoparticles that can be used to filter water and purify air.


Biodegradable materials


Ron Madl serves as the director of the university's Bioprocessing and Industrial Value-Added Program, which will work with scientists, entrepreneurs and industry to turn the state's grain crops into marketable products.




Mary Rezac, professor and head of the department of chemical engineering, specializes in polymer science and membrane separation processes and their applications to biological systems and environmental control.




John M. Blair, university distinguished professor of biology, is a terrestrial ecosystem ecologist, with broad interests that include studies of nutrient cycling and plant productivity in grasslands, the ecological consequences of changes in land-use and climate, grassland restoration ecology, and the ecology of soil invertebrates.

Ted Cable, professor of park management and conservation, specializes in taking facts about the environment and turning them into stories and experiences that help in the understanding of the world's natural resources.

Loretta Johnson, associate professor of biology, researches what effects increased forest cover have on the sustainability of grasslands.


Pollution prevention


Larry Erickson, professor of chemical engineering, directs the Great Plains/Rocky Mountain Hazardous Substance Research Center, which provides long and short-term environmental research related to key hazardous substance problems in this geographical area.


Soil carbon sequestration


Charles W. Rice, professor of soil microbiology in the department of agronomy at Kansas State University, has conducted long-term research on soil organic dynamics, nitrogen transformations and microbial ecology.

Jeffery Williams, professor of agricultural economics, studies farm management practices for carbon sequestration in Kansas.




Ben Champion, a 2002 K-State graduate and Rhodes scholar, has been appointed to the newly formed position of director of sustainability for the university, tasked with developing a university-wide approach for addressing sustainability at K-State.


Sustainable design


Gary Coates is nationally and internationally recognized as a leading voice in the movement to create socially, technologically and ecologically sustainable buildings, cities and bioregions.

Dennis L. Law, dean of the College of Architecture, Planning and Design, is an expert in environmental ethics, tropical rain forests and reclamation of disturbed lands.

Stephanie Rolley, professor of landcape architecture/regional and community planning, taught a landscape architecture studio that conceptualized and developed plans for more than 200 miles of greenways and trails in the metropolitan Kansas City area.


Water quality


Walter Dodds, professor of biology, has studied the effects of nitrogen contamination in stream waters and the effects stream drying and flooding have on the habitat and the species that live there.

Kenneth J. Klabunde, university distinguished professor of chemistry, has pioneered research on microscopic nanoparticles that can be used to filter water and purify air.




Videos of K-State greening efforts




K-State Center for Sustainable Energy




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