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Kansas State University

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At home


Training the next generation of scientists for turning crops into sustainable energy focus of national science foundation-supported program at K-State
A multimillion-dollar grant from the National Science Foundation will help Kansas State University train new Ph.D. students in developing the technology and policies needed for sustainable biorefining.


K-State ecologist stimulates intellectual thought with new book, 'Laws, Theories and Patterns in Ecology'
Walter Dodds, university distinguished professor of biology at Kansas State University, proposes discussion on more than 60 ecological laws, theories and unresolved general questions about ecology in his new book, "Laws, Theories and Patterns in Ecology," published by University of California Press. The book is directed toward undergraduate and graduate students with a general understanding of ecological concepts.


K-State professor researches the 'art' of sustainability in her own backyard
Tall, vivid stands of flowers bloom in the beds surrounding Sherry Haar's Manhattan home. The plants are inspirational, to say the least, and are for more than just looking at, according to the Kansas State University associate professor of apparel, textiles and interior design.


K-State affiliate working on compact efficient engine that shows promise of improving fuel efficiency
Motiv Engines, LLC signed an exclusive license agreement for an engine that is six times smaller and as much as 32 percent more fuel efficient than traditional engines of the same power. The agreement for the Compact Compression Ignition Engine was signed with NISTAC, an affiliate of Kansas State University

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New book by K-State ecology professor helps simplify environmental issues

Walter Dodds, professor of ecology at Kansas State University, depicts Earth's current health and future using nontechnical terms in his new book, "Humanity's Footprint: Momentum, Impact and Our Global Environment," published by Columbia University Press. Using his background in ecology, along with pictures and simple tables, Dodds said he provides supportive evidence for the debate on human environmental impacts while remaining realistic about sociological controls and limits.

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Kansas Wind for Schools program seeking proposals from rural schools interested in having wind turbine for education, outreach
wind turbineIt's an opportunity that schools in rural Kansas may not want to let blow by. The Kansas Wind for Schools program, which works with the Wind Applications Center at Kansas State University, is seeking proposals from elementary and secondary schools in rural parts of the state interested in having a small wind turbine for educational and outreach purposes.
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K-State program provides training for local organic farmers
Established in response to requests by area organic growers for a training program to increase numbers of local organic producers, the Growing Growers Training Program facilitates on-farm apprenticeships complemented by workshops on critical skills to train new growers and improve the skills of existing growers to meet large demand for local and organically grown produce in the Kansas City metropolitan area.


And abroad


K-State alumnus becomes ag minister of Jordan; tackles spread of desert
Jordan's scarce water resources and the spread of desert arid land pose mounting agricultural challenges to this Middle Eastern kingdom. Yet, a K-Stater is there at the helm taking on the challenges. Mostafa Qrunfleh '82 is the Jordanian minister of agriculture.


Engineer in Turkey builds environmentally-friendly wastewater systems for Third World
Rivers in many countries of the world are polluted from runoff of residential waste. Hurriyet Aydogan '84, '86 of Istanbul strives to improve the rural environment of his native Turkey by manufacturing and installing inexpensive residential sewage treatment systems.