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Facts about K-State's Flour Mill


WHAT IT IS: This building will provide space for milling science and management teaching and research as well as industry service through processing and courses.

COST: $5.2 million. K-State expects the building to be funded through private donations. Archer Daniels Midland Company donated $1 million to the project in late 2000.

CONSTRUCTION INFORMATION: Will begin construction on the flour mill, as well as the feed mill, next. (Exact timeframe has not been set.)

INSIDE THE FLOUR MILL: Features of the building will include:

Receiving and Storage -- Grain can be received in bags or bulk.

Cleaning System -- Completely automated, utilizing magnets, screeners, aspirators, gravity selectors, cylinder separators, entoleter and belt weighers.

Conditioning -- Capability of cold, warm, hot or steam conditioning with automatic water control. Temper bins will hold wheat sufficient for an 8-hour mill run.

Flour Mill -- Complete 260 cwt/day (16 MT/day) mill with representative equipment from various companies. Able to take samples from all flour streams within five minutes.

Laboratory -- Facilities will be available for cleaning, conditioning and milling small samples.

Insect Control -- The entire mill will have the capability to heat treat all areas t ed in bulk, bags, totes and super-bags dry or liquid added.


June 2003