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Facts about K-State's Feed Mill


WHAT IT IS: This building will provide space for feed science and management teaching and research as well as industry service through processing and courses.

COST: $5.5 million. K-State expects the building to be funded through private donations.

CONSTRUCTION INFORMATION: Will begin construction on the feed mill, as well as the flour mill, next. (Exact timeframe has not been set.)

INSIDE THE FEED MILL: Features of the building will include:

Receiving -- High-speed receipt, transfer and cleaning of bulk, bagged, liquid and toted ingredients.

Grinding -- Includes a roller mill, two different hammer mills and fine grinding equipment.

Proportioning and Mixing -- Will include automatic batching with major, minor and micro scales.

Further Processing -- Conventional and nonconventional conditioning, expanding, pelleting and extrusion.

Liquid Addition -- Precision liquid addition at the mixers, conditioners, expander, extruder, pellet mills and down-stream.

Loadout -- Finished product can be shipped in bulk, bags, totes and super-bags dry or liquid added.

Automation -- Proportioning, mixing, grinding, further processing and liquid systems will be automated.

Data Acquisition -- All major equipment will be instrumented to record processing data. Data loggers will be coupled with centralized computers for data analysis and reporting.

Hall of Fame -- The Feed Manufacturing Hall of Fame sponsored by the American Feed Industry Association and Kansas State University will include plaques and memorabilia honoring current and future Hall of Fame members and will be located inside the main entrance.


June 2003