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Facts about K-State's Teaching, Research and Baking facility


WHAT IT IS: This building will be a combination classroom and administrative center with teaching and research space for grain science and the baking science and management program.

COST: $40.6 million. K-State will go forward with a request for the money in 2008 and expects the funding to be a combination of state and federal funds, as well as donations from the private baking sector.

CONSTRUCTION INFORMATION: The building is expected to be twice the size of any of the other buildings in the complex.

INSIDE THE TEACHING, RESEARCH AND BAKING BUILDING: This building will include undergraduate teaching classrooms and laboratories, faculty and graduate student offices and research laboratories, baking and dough rheology laboratories, as well as administrative offices for the baking science and management program and the grain science program. Features of the building will include:

Classrooms -- State-of-the-art classrooms with electronic communications and audio-visual aids.

Offices -- Adequate space for the projected faculty, support staff and graduate students.

Teaching Laboratories -- Modern space to teach cereal science, milling, feed technology, baking and flour testing, and related courses for undergraduate and graduate students.

Research Laboratories -- Each faculty member with a research appointment will have adequate research space especially designed for their technical discipline and research field, in addition to the pilot scale laboratories in the surrounding specialty buildings.

Communications -- Means to communicate instantly with anyplace in the world, using the university satellite connection.

Distance Education -- The ability to conduct classes for students located any place in the world.

Conference Activities -- The ability to host meetings and to properly greet and work with industry clients, including holding special short courses.


June 2003