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Facts about K-State's International Grains Program Executive Conference Center


WHAT IT IS: Kansas State University's International Grains Program Executive Conference Center is a place where foreign business and governmental leaders will develop technical knowledge and skills that enable them to become more informed purchasers and processors of U.S. food and feed grains. IGP courses also acquaint participants with current trends and issues affecting the industry. The building will be used for training programs currently housed in Waters Hall.

COST: $4 million, paid for with private money including major contributions from the Kansas Wheat Commission and the Kansas Corn Commission.

CONSTRUCTION INFORMATION: The facility will be nearly 20,000 square feet. Broke ground in March 2003; the building is expected to be finished in March 2004.

INSIDE THE INTERNATIONAL GRAINS PROGRAM EXECUTIVE CONFERENCE CENTER: The building will include a grain-grading laboratory, conference room, tiered auditorium-style classroom, dining and lounge areas, staff offices and other rooms that will fully meet and serve the needs of IGP’s international participants.

The new center will also include communications equipment that will allow the IGP to provide programs and information to sites nationally and throughout the world. Features of the building will include:

• Tiered semicircular seating.
• Simultaneous translation of three languages.
• Multimedia and computer-generated visual aid capability.
• Satellite transmission capability.
• Electronic real-time market displays.

Grain-Grading Laboratory:
• Built to Federal Grain Inspection Service specifications.
• Latest equipment to determine grade and nongrade factors in grain.
• Teaching stations that allow personal assistance by instructors.

Conference Room, Foyer and Reception:
• Designed to provide adequate business environment for international executives.

Dining and Lounge Area:
• Provides facilities to host luncheons and receptions for international guests.


June 2003