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Facts about K-State's Bioprocessing and Industrial Value-Added Program facility


WHAT IT IS: Kansas State University's new Bioprocessing and Industrial Value-Added Program facility -- called BIVAP for short -- is a place for K-State researchers to work with industry to turn Kansas crops into both food and non-food products or to test new processes for making food and non-food products from grains. The focus will be on new products to make Kansas farming and ranching more profitable.

COST: The 2001 Kansas legislature approved $3 million in state funds for construction of the facility and a $4 million loan.

CONSTRUCTION INFORMATION: The facility will be 33,000 square feet. Broke ground in late 2002; project is expected to be finished in March 2004. Project architect is Peckham Guyton Albers & Viets Inc. of Kansas City, Mo.

INSIDE THE BIOPROCESSING AND INDUSTRIAL VALUE-ADDED PROGRAM FACILITY: The building will house the department of grain science and industry's extrusion laboratory; a fermentation laboratory; and room for industry to test novel processes, such as plastic molding and thermal processing of grains, at a semicommercial scale. Features of the building will include:

Processing -- Four areas for grinding, mixing, delivery, conditioning, single- and twin- screw extrusion, gun puffing, flaking, toasting, conveyor and batch drying, packaging, frying, microwave/convection drying, atmospheric and vacuum coatings, enrobing, retorting, spray and drum drying, injection molding, thermoforming and fermentation.

Storage -- Dry, refrigerated and frozen storage. Specialized materials can be handled in controlled environment rooms.

Sensors -- Sensing technologies will provide feedback from each process, including temperature, pressure, moisture, conductivity, bulk density and color.

Monitoring -- Production reports will be generated, and real-time trends can make operation decisions. Control hardware will automate processing, and information can be available on the Intranet and Internet.

Industry and Entrepreneurs -- Space to assess processes and capabilities of new equipment or the feasibility of a new commercial process for product development.

Receiving -- Accommodations for vans, flatbeds and semitrailers.


June 2003