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Summer 2005

Back to school



Preschool and Elementary School

Keep an ear out for language delays in children

K-State instructors discuss appropriate gifts for teachers

Good early financial planning key to paying for child's college education

Elementary and High School

What to read: Ideas for pre-high school and pre-college students

Understanding nontraditional schools: K-State education expert looks at some alternatives to public schools

What to consider about homeschooling your child

Closing a school can cause mixed feelings for the school district and community

K-State education professor discusses pros and cons of school district consolidation


What to bring to college? K-State orientation leaders have tips for new students

K-State experts say adjusting to college life a challenge for students and their families

Developing strong study skills involves more than just hitting the books

What to know when transferring from a community college to K-State

K-State police sergeant offers helpful tips for personal and property safety on campus

All ages

Getting enough sleep is important as students head back to school or off to college

K-State instructor says listening is most used yet most overlooked form of communication


Media relations

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Media relations
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