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If you don’t want to be a rapist, NEVER force yourself on another person or attempt to coerce, pressure, intoxicate, or bully someone into having sex with you, even if you think one or both of you deserve it. No one asks to be raped. No one deserves to have their body to be used in ways they do not want.

If you don’t hear "Yes", stop.

1) Communicate your sexual desires clearly, early, and honestly. Ask hers. If you have any doubts, stop, ask and clarify. If you are getting a double message, ask her to explain. Make sure she wants to have sex.

2) If a woman is not actively, mindfully consenting to sex, then it is rape. A woman who is mentally deficient is not capable of giving consent. It does not matter if the deficiency is mental or physical. A WOMAN WHO IS INTOXICATED CANNOT GIVE CONSENT. Having sex under these situations is legally rape.

3) Your intoxication is NOT a defense to rape. You are responsible for your actions, SOBER OR NOT.

4) Your size and physical presence may itself be intimidating to a woman. Women may not fight back or say anything based on this general fact. Submission does not equal consent!

5) Be sensitive to women who are not sure they want to have sex.

6) Not having sex, or not "scoring" does not mean you are not a "real man." Respecting a woman’s desires and decisions is a powerful choice, something a man with real strength can do.

7) If a woman says "No" to sex, she is turning sex down, not you.

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September 2005