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Lower the risks of rape


1) Know your sexual intentions and limits. Decide early if you want sex. You have the RIGHT to say no to any unwanted sexual activity, at any point.

2) Communicate your limits firmly and directly. Spell it out, don’t give mixed messages. Don’t remain quiet because you don’t want to hurt his feelings. If you don’t speak up, he may interpret your behavior as approval and continue. DON’T RELY ON ESP!

3) Don’t be afraid to make waves if you feel threatened. If you are being pressured or coerced, don’t hesitate to state your feelings. Loudly protest, leave and go for help. Don’t wait to be rescued.

4) Some men think drinking, dressing provocatively, or going to their room indicates willingness for sex. Be prepared to express your limitations again.

5) Drink in moderation. If you become intoxicated, you may loose the ability to make wise decisions and/or communicate your feelings appropriately. Some men use alcohol to inTOXICate women. Be careful!

6) Use the "buddy system". If you are going to a party, don’t go alone. Go with a friend. Agree to look out for each other and leave together. If dating a new person, go on a double date, go to a public place and/or make sure you have your own transportation. Avoid secluded places.

7) Go out with people you can trust and who share your values. If you socialize with people who are more sexually permissive than yourself, their values may be attributed to you. Be prepared to stand up for your personal standards.

8) Avoid falling for lines. Intimacy can always be stopped without any physical or emotional damage to either party.

9) TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. If you feel uncomfortable or think you may be at risk, get out of the situation as soon as possible.

10) Avoid men who show no respect for women. If a man does not respect women as a group, he may not respect or hear your wishes regarding sex.

Don’t be afraid to set limits that are right for you!

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September 2005