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The majority of rapists are not:


* Strangers to the victim.

* Without access to consensual sex.

* Uneducated and unemployed.

* From any particular racial or ethnic group.

* Mentally ill.

* "Violent" in the sense of using weapons or maiming their victims.

* Acting spontaneously and without forethought.

* Wearing a sign that says "rapist. They look like and are the guy next door, the student in your class, someone’s brother.

* Reported.

* Caught.

* One-time rapists. Most rapists continue to rape and it is estimated that they will commit 10 rapes before being caught or even reported.THE CRIME OF RAPE IS ABOUT POWER, ABOUT SELFISHNESS, ABOUT TAKING CONTROL AWAY from someone else, about trying to "feel good" by overpowering another human, feeling superior by standing on top of another, by stealing from another, by taking what is not given freely.


September 2005