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September 2005

Did you hear "yes"?:
K-State proactive in raising awareness about and providing resources for victims of sexual assault






Facts and figures

Information for sexual assault victims

Date rape 'most unreported' crime on college campus

Facts about date rape

Alcohol and rape: The connection

Why a rape victim should report a sexual assault

The majority of rapists are not...

Statistical information about sexual abuse

Rohypnol, Gamma hydroxybutyrate -- GHB -- drug fact sheet


K-State resources

Strategies for preventing sexual abuse

Lower the risks of rape

As an assertive person, you can...

If you've been assaulted...

Valid, informed consent for sexual activity

Party smart safety tips

10 things men can do to stop rape

Real men don't use their strength for hurting

Suggestions for partners of survivors of rape

Friends, partners, and family response to sexual assault

What to say and not to say: How to help a victim/survivor of sexual abuse

Women's Center aspires to provide a safe, equitable campus

Women's Center to launch "My Strength" campaign

Project gives voice to the often 'invisible' crime of sexual abuse



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