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Wheat Genetics Resource Center

Project leader: Bikram S. Gill
Address: Department of plant pathology, Throckmorton Plant Science Center
Phone number: 785-532-6176
Website: http://www.k-state.edu/wgrc/

The Wheat Genetics Resource Center was established in 1984 and is a component of the plant pathology department in the College of Agriculture. The internationally recognized center works to assure future advances in wheat breeding by providing the foundation for abundant wheat harvests.

The Wheat Genetics Resource Center serves three missions: to collect, conserve and utilize germ plasm in crop improvement for sustainable production by broadening the crop genetic base; to create and promote the free exchange of materials, technology and new knowledge in genetics and biotechnology among the world's public and private organizations; and to sponsor graduate and postgraduate students and visiting scientists for academic training and advanced research work.

The center features laboratories, greenhouses and field plot facilities. The Wheat Genetics Resource Center also maintains a gene bank with evaluation and passport data on 2,500 wheat species accessions. Current projects include establishing a national and international network for genetic studies in wheat.


Updated spring 2006