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Center for Hazardous Substance Research

Director: Larry Erickson
Address: 101 Ward Hall
Telephone: 785-532-2380
Website: http://www.engg.ksu.edu/CHSR

The Center for Hazardous Substance Research at Kansas State University was established in 1989 and is a component of the College of Engineering. The purpose of the center is to conduct research pertaining to hazardous substances produced through industrial and national defense activities.

Research areas include remediation of contaminated soil and water from agriculture, forestry, mining and mineral processing. Defense-related work involves environmental evaluations of proposed and developing technologies. The center also focuses on waste minimization, pollution prevention technologies and ways to analyze contaminated soil.

In addition, the center assists communities in dealing with hazardous substance issues through its Technical Outreach Services for Communities Program. This program, which started in 1994, includes a hotline, workshops, technical and educational programs for communities, site assistance and public education.


Updated spring 2006