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Program for Complex Fluid Flows

Directors: Mo Hosni and Chris Sorensen
Address: 138 Ward Hall
Phone number: 785-532-6530
Website: http://ww2.mne.ksu.edu/cff/

The Program for Complex Fluid Flows began in 1996 with a grant from the Special Group Incentive Research Award Program from the office of the vice provost for research at Kansas State University.

The program coordinates an interdisciplinary graduate program to conduct research and train graduate students in the general area of modern fluid dynamics. Given the highly complex and difficult problems encountered in this area, this cross-college program strives to blend three important branches of research: fundamental physics, experimental verification and computational fluid dynamics. Participating faculty members represent a combination of theoretical, experimental and modeling strengths from three major disciplines: chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and physics.

Through interdisciplinary graduate courses, seminars and innovative research in complex fluid flows, students receive a much broader exposure to all facets of complex fluid flow research than they could receive within a single department. Since more and more employment opportunities at the graduate level require interdisciplinary training, the program serves to make K-State graduate students attractive to future employers in industry and academia.


Updated spring 2006