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Lights, camera, action!


Students painstakingly choreographing a modern dance piece for an upcoming performance. Playwrights striving to bring their play to the big stage. The creativity, commitment and time that go into the design for a staged performance. The labor of bringing an art exhibit or a Broadway musical to Manhattan … Kansas.

The arts are alive and well at Kansas State University, from a unique program in drama therapy, to one of the first public-relations singing groups in the country, to professors who include their love of fine art in the way they teach architecture. In this issue of K-State's Perspectives, take a walk on the creative side and meet aspiring playwrights, museum curators and exhibition designers, and K-State artists who take their work from the Flint Hills to the hills of New Zealand and beyond. Read three English professors' thoughts on why the arts and literature are so important. And explore what it takes to create a cultural performance series at K-State's McCain Auditorium.

These stories and more are included in this issue of K-State's Perspectives Web magazine. We hope you enjoy!