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Volume 2, Issue 4 - Winter 2003

What K-State does for Kansas

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K-State reaches out to help the state, while educating students and enriching the work of faculty

Programs, resources and services

For industry

Institute working to make the most of acquired technology, create jobs

Advanced Manufacturing Institute provides technical resources for Kansas companies

For rural Kansas

Kansas Center for Rural Initiatives brings together resources to help rural Kansas communities

Kansas Forest Service provides resources, equipment to rural fire districts

For agriculture

K-State develops quality wheat varieties for Kansas

Don't go buggy wondering what that insect or plant might be: Ask K-State

For families and households

K-State Family Center helps families while training students

K-State Speech and Hearing Center serves Kansas, expands facility

For pets, vets

K-State diagnostic laboratory helps animals around the state stay safe, healthy

Veterinary teaching hospital provides important resource to area (the Vol. 2 Issue 1 Perspectives)

For the state

Encouraging civic responsibility in students a goal of K-State program

K-State Research and Extension evolves to meet Kansans' current, future needs

K-State civil engineering keeps Kansans moving

K-State Salina concrete testing program aids KDOT, students (from the Vol. 1 Issue 4 Perspectives)

What K-State is doing to make your food safer (the Vol. 1 Issue 1 Perspectives)



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News Services

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