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What K-State is doing to make your food safer


Kansas State University is working hard to keep the livestock and crops of this state and this nation safe in the case of a biosecurity emergency, whether natural or as an act of terrorism. Recent efforts have included the groundbreaking of the $50 million K-State Biosecurity Research Institute and organizing a statewide bioterrorism response plan test. K-State researchers also recently received a grant to research and develop a veterinary telemedicine system. The project is attempting to create the infrastructure to monitor the health of cattle remotely, and if the researchers are successful, the system would give livestock producers and veterinarians heads-up to emerging disease.

For an overview of the research and planning efforts at Kansas State University on the topic of food safety and security, see our Webzine at http://www.k-state.edu/media/webzine/0101/index.html