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Volume 2, Issue 2 - Summer 2003

Kids of K-State:

Programs, activities, research and advice




Kids of K-State Webzine provides resources for parents, children and educators


Health and Fitness

Rise in number of overweight children a multi-faceted problem

What you can do at home -- and what K-State is doing -- to encourage healthier, more active living

Healthy Youth Places project promotes nutrition, physical activity in Kansas schools

Increase fruits and vegetables in your child's diet through these tips

K-State researchers investigate national nutrition curriculums


Reading and Literacy

Picking the best books for your kids

Teach children the skills of literacy from birth

Using costumes to supplement a book helps children better remember story, K-State research shows

Study shows children with language or reading disabilities benefit from holistic reading approach


Education and Schools

Suggestions for a healthy transition to kindergarten

Parents of children with special needs and gifted children encounter many challenging, rewarding situations

"Crumbling classrooms" lead to poor academic performance, K-State experts say


Kids and Sports

Keeping your cool at your kids' sporting events

Parents as coaches? Talk with your child to avoid conflict

Out of Bounds: Sexual abuse by coaches violation of athletes, their trust

Doing your homework key to finding 'good' coaches, prevent sexual abuse


Advice for parents

K-State professor offers tips on picking a good childcare provider

K-State professor says tantrums are part of the process of mastering social skills

K-State professors address challenges of teaching values to children

K-State veterinarian says pets and kids can make a winning combination

Horticultural therapy: Using a green thumb to grow healthy kids

Navigating the world of bullies for parents

K-State family expert discusses mixed-gender sleepovers



Children and young adults prefer help that is given unselfishly

Younger children less tolerant of lying, K-State research shows

Not all teasing is bad, professor says; children engage in prosocial teasing just like adults

K-state professor studies how children make sense of war; gives suggestions on talking to children about the threat


K-State programs

K-State offers band, music and dance camps for kids year round

First Tee Leadership Academy provides golf access for those who might not otherwise have opportunity to play

Kids a Cookin' stirring up good nutrition, fun in the kitchen

K-State child care facility combines teaching, research, family goals and quality care


K-State resources

Top Ten Activities for You and Your Child at K-State

K-State Web sites for parents and children



News Services


Perspectives archives



News Services

K-State academic department directory


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