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2011 K-State Salina Achievements

* A partnership with Universal Helicopters is enhancing the helicopter flight-training program on the Salina campus. Through the partnership, K-State Salina gains three helicopters and four full-time flight instructors, allowing the aviation program to better meet the flight training needs of students. December 2011

* Aviation Accreditation Board International has renewed K-State Salina's professional pilot program accreditation for another five years. The accreditation means K-State Salina is among a relatively few collegiate aviation programs in the world that have been evaluated according to very stringent criteria and found to be worthy of the board's seal of approval. Only 26 of the nation's more than 100 aviation programs are accredited by the board. Aug. 2011.

* Allan Richardson, senior in aviation maintenance, placed sixth in aviation maintenance technology at the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Championship Conference in Kansas City, Mo., June 23-27. This was Richardson's second year to compete at the national level, and K-State Salina's fourth consecutive year to have a representative at the national championship. He qualified for the national competition by placing first at the state level in May. June 2011

* K-State Salina's Flight Team came in eighth at the National Intercollegiate Flying Association's National Safety And Flight Evaluation Conference and competition, May 16-21 in Dublin, Ohio. The team earned an invitation to the national competition by placing second in the association's Region VI competition in October 2010. May 2011

* Mid-Continent Instruments donated numerous attitude indicators, altimeters, vertical speed indicators, directional gyros and air speed indicators to K-State Salina's avionics program. The equipment is being used to troubleshoot and repair aircraft as part of the avionics curriculum. May 2011

* For the fourth time in the last seven years, K-State Salina's Students in Free Enterprise team will compete at the national level. The team was named a league champion at a regional competition in Dallas and earned the right to compete at the national contest May 10-12 in Minneapolis, Minn. April 2011

* Cashco, a worldwide producer of control valves, regulators and tank blanketing equipment based in Ellsworth, has donated a Reflection Polariscope Model LF/Z-2 to the mechanical engineering technology program at K-State Salina. The polariscope is used for full-field PhotoStress analysis and testing and worth about $10,000. Jeremy Hlad, a research and development engineer at Cashco and a 2005 graduate of the K-State Salina mechanical engineering technology program, suggested donating the equipment to his alma mater. March 2011

* The world's smallest transponder is now onboard K-State Salina's unmanned aircraft vehicle, the Aerosonde Mark 4.7. The XPS-TR transponder was developed by Sagetech Corporation, Hood River, Ore., and has shattered size records with a footprint smaller than that of a standard business card. The transponder includes automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast in and out capability, which allow the unmanned aircraft vehicle operator to electronically see surrounding aircraft, greatly improving situational awareness. Feb. 2011

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