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K-Staters in the news - May 2009


K-State's news services staff keeps track of news stories and features appearing in the media about K-State faculty and programs. If you know of a current article that we don't have listed, please let us know and we will add it.

K-State faculty members have a great reputation for being helpful to the news media. We see the results of this cooperation in national and regional news clips.


Electrical and computer engineering, Ruth Douglas Miller, "Wind Power is Far From an Energy Solution," 5/31/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Alumna, Christina Keys, "New Staffer Joins Kramer Capital Management," 5/31/09 Manhattan Mercury

Alumnus, Brett Barker, "Central National Bank Makes Staffing Changes," 5/31/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Alumna, Kristen Young, "New Agent Joins Signature Homes Real Estate," 5/31/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Student, Zane Frings, "K-State Student Managing Vector Marketing Office," 5/31/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Political science, Dale Herspring, "McChrystal is Suited For Afghanistan," 5/31/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Computer Science, Tim Weninger, Arts and Sciences, Jim Hohenbary, "Researcher Gets Fellowship," 5/31/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Alumni, Katie Whitney, Nicole Wayant, John Lantz, Chelsey Fritch, "KSU Alumni Association Honors Four Seniors," 5/31/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Political science, Joe Aistrup, "Five Republicans Lining Up For Primary in Open Kansas House Seat," 5/31/09 CQ Today Online News

Students, Jennifer Darby, Michelle Hubin, Julia Paul, "MAF Provides Funding For 65 Student Studies," 5/31/09 DVM360

Students, "More Sin In the Bible Belt," 5/31/09

Pi Kappa Lambda, "University Notes," 5/30/09 Olathe News

Leadership Studies, John Carlin, "D-Day," 5/30/09 Salina Journal

K-State, "Mormon Lessons in Self-Reliance Can Help Families Survive Tough Times," 5/30/09

Alumni, Lynette Olson, "Olson Named Interim Provost," 5/30/09 VM360

Student, Quentin Breese, "Business News," 5/30/09 Salina Journal

K-State of Salina, "Contestants Being Sought For Spelling Bee For Senior Citizens," 5/30/09

Tuition, "Regents Propose Tuition Hikes," 5/30/09 The Topeka Capital Journal

Center on Aging, Gayle Doll, alumna, Christina Pacheco, student, Jacob Schultz, "KSU Students Establish Friends With Residents At Area Retirement Community," 5/29/09 The Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Blue Jacket Affair: FFA Emphasizes Growth During Meetings At K-State," 5/29/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Kansas Bioscience Authority, Tom Thornton, "Morris Animal Foundation, Kansas Bioscience Authority Talk About Possible Collaboration," 5/29/09 Kansas City Business Journal

Center For Transportation Research And Training, "Letter: More Roundabouts," 5/29/09 The Topeka Capital Journal

Student, Nick Voda, "26 Local Students Earn College-Financed National Merit Scholarships," 5/29/09 The Kansas City Star

Anatomy and Physiology, Masaaki Tamura, "Reported Research Breakthrough Using Non-Embryonic Stem Cells: 'Like Evolution in Reverse'," 5/29/09

K-State, "Kansas FFA Bestows Three Honorary FFA Degrees, One VIP Award," 5/29/09 Salina Journal

Alumni, Michael Hurt, "Hurt Promoted To Vice-President of Anderson Mikos Architects," 5/29/09 Health Care Design Magazine

Biosecurity Research Institute, "Building Block For Growth," 5/29/09 Business Facilities

K-State, "Hiring Process: A Confidential Hiring Process Offers The Best Chance of Attracting a Truly Outstanding New Chancellor For Kansas University," 5/29/09

K-State, "City, County Talk Planning," 5/29/09

Kansas Bioscience Authority, "Bioscience Authority Awards $4 Million Grant," 5/29/09 Kansas Farmer

Alumnus, Richard Meyers, "Military Change Well Under Way," 5/29/09

K-State, "Pig Feeding Trials Seek Cost-Saving Strategies," 5/29/09 All About Feed

College of Arts and Sciences, Brian Spooner, Provost Duane Nellis, "Professor Named Interim Dean," 5/28/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, Bill Snyder, "Local Leaders Get A Peek At Army Training," 5/28/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Anthropology, Mike Wesch, "YouTube is Changing The Way We See Each Other--and Ourselves," 5/28/09 The Wrap

Students, "The Geography of Sin," 5/28/09 Heidelblog, Independent Florida Alligator Online

Hale Library, Cynthia Harris, "Kansas Notable Book List Released," 5/28/09

Agronomy, "Predicting Crop Outcomes," 5/28/09

Alumnus, Col. Robert Sinkler, "Appointee Will Be Third To Hold Position in Past Year," 5/28/09

Psychology, "A Study in Hostility," 5/28/09, Human Resource Executive

Research and extension, "Pig Feeding Trials Seek Cost-Saving Strategies," 5/28/09 Pig Progress

Olathe Innovation Campus, Bob Krause, "City Calm Despite K-State Turmoil," 5/27/09 The Olathe News

Diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, Juergen Richt, "HEALTH: Pigs Acted as Ideal Crucibles For New Hybrid Flu," 5/27/09

National Bio- and Agro-defense Facility, "Five Teams Vie To Build Big U.S. Lab in Kansas," 5/27/09 McGraw-Hill Construction ENR, Bay View, DOTmed, KFOR-TV NBC 4 Oklahoma City

National Bio- and Agro-defense Facility, "Airline Expands Kansas Service," 5/27/09 Capital-Journal

Center for Engagement and Community Development, David Procter, "Communities and State Benefit From Incentive Grants," 5/27/09 Abilene Reflector-Chronicle

Animal sciences and industry, J. Scott Smith, "Try Thai or Rosemary When Spicing The Meat To Curb Carcinogens," 5/27/09 Science Daily

Grain science and industry, "K-State Awards Outstanding Alumni," 5/27/09

Alumnus, Bennie Osburn, "Osburn Tapped For Banfield's Board of Directors," 5/27/09 dvm360

Agriculture, "Try This Technique: Grow Lettuce Under Shade," 5/27/09 Mother Earth News

Aviation, "Pilot Hiring is Down, But Recruiter Looks Forward To Rebound," 5/27/09 Dallas Morning News, Denton Record-Chronicle, WFAA-TV ABC 8 Dallas - Fort Worth

Olathe Innovation Campus, National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, alumnus, Pat Roberts, "Roberts Touts SLT as Component of High-Tech Corridor For State," 5/27/09

K-State, "Regents Award $262K In Grants," 5/26/09 Wichita Business Journal

Tuition, "Tuition Resumes Upward Drive," 5/26/09 Manhattan Mercury

Research assistant, Tim Weninger, Arts and Sciences, Jim Hohenbary, "K-State Researcher Receives National Science Foundation Graduate Scholarship," 5/26/09 Manhattan Mercury, 5/27/09 SiloBreaker,

International Programs, Kristine Young, students, "KSU Students Given Opportunity To Study Abroad," 5/26/09 The Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Auction-Barn Fees To Increase With NAIS" 5/26/09

Education, Jacqueline Spears, "Chicago Group Promotes Links Between Districts, Researchers," 5/26/09 Education Week

Research assistant, Tim Weninger, "K-State Grad Student Receives National Science Foundation Fellowship For Computer Science," 5/26/09

Education, Susan Dillinger, "Column: Kansans Love A Good Story With Their Buffalo Burger," 5/26/09

Olathe Innovation Campus, Bob Krause, "Olathe Not Worried About K-State Campus Despite Recent Turmoil," 5/26/09 The Kansas City Star

Alumni, Aaron Otto, "Assistant State Treasurer Named," 5/26/09 The Topeka Capital Journal

Research and extension, Erick De Wolf, "Wheat Nears Vulnerable Stage," 5/26/09 Southwest Farm Press

Agriculture, "Organic is Growing and Hiring," 5/26/09 The Pitch Kansas City Blog

Student, Nick Voda, "Olathe Students Receive National Merit Scholarships," 5/26/09 The Kansas City Star

Biology, Susan Brown, "Scaled-Down Genome May Power Up E. Coli's Ability in Lab, Industry," 5/26/09

Architecture, Tim de Noble, "De Noble Leaving Architecture School," 5/26/09 The Morning News

Chemical engineering, Vikas Berry, "Going Gaga Over Graphene," 5/26/09 Medical Device Link, 5/27/09 PhysOrg

Agriculture, "New Monsanto Facility To Open Soon Near Gothenburg," 5/26/09

K-State, "At Ease: Kids With Military Connection Welcome Here," 5/26/09

Phi Kappa Phi, students, "K-State Honors Society Initiates New Members," 5/25/09 The Manhattan Mercury

President Jon Wefald, "KU, K-State Prepare To Say Farewell To Leaders Who Changed The Schools Forever," 5/25/09 Kansas City Star

College of Education, students, "College Honors Seven Future Educators," 5/24/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Alumni, Ali Johnson, "Student Recognized For Light Fixture Design," 5/24/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Physics, Uwe Thumm, Chang-Hua Zhang, "KSU Physicists Building on Einstein," 5/24/09 Manhattan Mercury, 5/26/09 Brightsurf, Innovations Report, R & D Magazine, Science Daily, 5/29/09 National Science Foundation (NSF)

Political science, Dale Herspring, "Pelosi's Recollections of CIA Briefings Are Torturous," 5/24/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Alumni, Betty Mattingly, "Designer Earns Professional Status In LEED Accredidation," 5/24/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Agriculutral economics, Cesar Guvele, "Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan To Hold USA Conference," 5/24/09, Sudan Tribune

Agricultural economics, Tim Schroeder, " MSU Professor Part of Team Studying Effects of NAIS on Livestock Industry," 5/24/09 The Prairie Star

Alumna, Lisa Hollingsworth, "Lisa Hollingsworth, Lenexa," 5/24/09 Kansas City Star

K-State at Salina, "Funding Cut For Planned Parenthood Is Vetoed," 5/23/09 Wichita Eagle

Biology, Rachel Pigg, "Prairie Dog Research Under Way At Monument," 5/23/09 Star Herald, 5/27/09 Omaha World-Herald

Student body president Dalton Henry, "K-State Students Face 3.9% Tuition Hike," 5/22-23/09 The Manhattan Mercury

College of Veterinary Medicine, Susan Nelson, "KSU Veterinarian Decodes Dogs' Odd Behaviors," 5/22/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Research foundation, Dan Lykins, "K-State: Farmers' Seed Use Is Illegal," 5/22/09 Salina Journal

Diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, Juergen Richt, "Eyes on The Swine," 5/22/09 Scientific American

Physics, Uwe Thumm, Chang-Hua Zhang, "Fast Laser Research and Theory Building on Einstein's Work By Timing Electrons Emissions," 5/22/09 Science Daily

Lafene Health Center, Robert Tackett, "K-State Encourages Campus Community To Take Steps To Prevent Flu Symptoms," 5/22/09

College of Veterinary Medicine, Ralph Richardson, Lisa Freeman, Olathe Innovation Campus, "Bayer Animal Health Builds Up Region's Strengths," 5/22/09 Kansas City Business Journal

Tuition, "Kansas Universities Seek Tuition Hike," 5/22/09 The Wichita Eagle

College of Veterinary Medicine, Gary Anderson, "K-State Veterinary Lab Routinely Tests for Bluetongue Virus," 5/22/09

President Jon Wefald, "K-State President Receives Civilian Medal," 5/22/09 The Fort Leavenworth Lamp Online, Fort Riley Post

Agricultural Economics, Terry Kastens, "Repeat Of The '80s Unlikely For Agriculture," 5/22/09 High Plains Journal

Agronomy, Chuck Rice, "KSU Ag Prof To Head Up Soil Science Group," 5/21/09 The Wichita Eagle, 5/22/09 Business Today

Tuition, "Pitt State Proposes Tuition Hikes," 5/21/09

College of Engineering, David Steward, "K-State Students Build Water Pump," 5/21/09 The Abilene Reflector-Chronicle

Anthropology, Michael Wesch, "When A Twittering College President Is Not Who He Seems," 5/21/09 The Chronicle of Higher Education

Student, Yi Xiao, "Mari-golden Morning," 5/20/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Electrical and computer engineering, Ruth Douglas Miller, "We Must Exploit Vast Potential of Wind," 5/20/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Students, Katherine Edwards, Tiffany Lee, Clem Neely, "KLA: Veterinary Students Earn Foundation Scholarships," 5/20/09 Cattle Network

Agricultural Economics, Bradley Lubben, Troy Dumler, "Current Farm Bill Hard To Top," 5/20/09 Iowa Farmer Today

Student, David Kaufman, "K-State Junior From Topeka Working To Create Short Videos on K-State Topics," 5/20/09

KKSU-AM, "Pubradio Comes To the Little Apple of Kansas," 5/20/09

Agronomy, Barry Flinchbaugh, "Deficit, WTO Leadership Seen Affecting New Farm Bill," 5/20/09 Iowa Farmer Today

Hale Library, Roger Adams, "Hale Library's Cookbook Collection Is Among The Best In The Nation--And Growing," 5/19/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Kansas Bioscience Authority, "Bioscience Authority Awards $4M for Medical Composite Research," 5/19/09 San Francisco Business Times, 5/20/09 Orlando Business Journal, Denver Business Journal, Houston Business Journal, Memphis Business Journal, Dayton Business Journal, Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, Birmingham Business Journal, Nashville Business Journal, Phoenix Business Journal, Washington Business Journal, Triad Business Journal, Pittsburg Business Times, Columbus Business First, South Florida Business Journal, Boston Business Journal, Milwaukee Business Journal, Buffalo Business First, Triangle Business Journal, Louisville Business First, Albany Business Review, Puget Sound Business Journal, Jacksonville Business Journal, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Dallas Business Journal, Sacramento Business Journal, Baltimore Business Journal, Cincinnati Business Courier, Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal, Kansas City Business Journal, St. Louis Business Journal, Wichita Business Journal, Philadelphia Business Journal, Tampa Bay Business Journal, Pacific Business News, Austin Business Journal, Kansas BioAuthority, New Mexico Business Weekly, Grainnet, San Francisco Business Times, Orlando Business Journal, Denver Business Journal, Houston Business Journal, Memphis Business Journal, Dayton Business Journal, MSN Money Central, San Antonio Business Journal, Charlotte Business Journal, Kansas, Wichita Eagle, 5/29/09 Plastics Today

Engineering Experiment Station, Byron Jones, "Detecting Aircraft Pathogens Before It's Too Late," 5/19/09 Technology Review

Research and Extension, Erick De Wolf, "Rain Nurturing Wheat and Diseases," 5/19/09 Farm Talk Newspaper

Olathe Innovation Campus, "Bioscience Construction May Start By End of Year," 5/19/09 The Kansas City Star

Engineering, students, "K-State Students Build Water Pumps," 5/20/09 Reflector-Chronicle

K-State, "KSU Rediscovers Uses For Garbage," 5/20/09 Iola Register

Veterinary Medicine, Ralph Richardson, "Veterinary Colleges Adapting To Colder Economic Climate," 5/20/09 JAVMA News

Agronomy, Chuck Rice, "Farmer: Cap and Trade Can Work in Ag," 5/20/09 Wichita Eagle

Alumnus, Earl Woods, "Finding the Right Mentor For You," 5/20/09

K-State, "As Other States Pull Back, Kansas Accelerates Innovation Investments at Bio International Convention," 5/20/09 Albany Business Review, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Austin Business Journal, Baltimore Business Journal, BioWorld Online, Birmingham Business Journal, Boston Business Journal,, Buffalo Business First, Channel Web, Charlotte Business Journal, Cincinnati Business Courier, Columbus Business First, Dallas Business Journal, Dayton Business Journal, Denver Business Journal, Downloads Portal, Fresh News, Houston Business Journal, Jacksonville Business Journal, Kansas City Business Journal, KHRD-TV ABC 40, Louisville Business First, Memphis Business Journal, Milwaukee Business Journal, Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, Nashville Business Journal, National Hispanic Corporate Council, New Mexico Business Weekly, News Blaze, Nurseweek, Orlando Business Journal, Pacific Business News, Philadelphia Business Journal, Phoenix Business Journal, Pittsburg Business Times, Portland Business Journal, PR Newswire, Puget Sound Business Journal, (Lycos), RedOrbit, Sacramento Business Journal, San Antonio Business Journal, San Francisco Business Times, Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal, South Florida Business Journal, St. Louis Business Journal, SYS-CON BRASIL, Sys-Con DE, SYS-CON India, Tampa Bay Business Journal, The Sun Herald, Triad Business Journal, Triangle Business Journal, Washington Business Journal, Wheat Commission, Kansas, Wichita Business Journal, Yahoo! News

Kansas Bioscience Authority, Kansas Innovation Center for Advanced Plant Design, "KBA Approves $11M In New Projects," 5/20/09

Kansas Bioscience Authority, "Grant, Land Deal Can Seed Future," 5/20/09 The Wichita Eagle

K-State, "KDOT To Begin Roundabout," 5/19/09, Winfield Courier

Engineering Experiment Station, Byron Jones, "Detecting Aircraft Pathogens Before It's Too Late," 5/19/09 Technology Review

David Petraeus Landon Lecture, "Gays Being Kicked Out of Military at Steady Rate," 5/19/09 The Boston Globe

Anthropology, Michael Wesch, "Whither Twitter?" 5/18/09

Psychology, Ron Downey, "Hostility Isn't Cause To Quit Job," 5/18/09 Kansas City Star

Former President Milton S. Eisenhower, "Hopkins History: Milton Eisenhower, Postdocs And The Society of Scholars," 5/18/09 The JHU Gazette

Agriculture, "R-CALF: Invasive Requirements of NAIS Unconstitutional," 5/18/09 Bullseye

Student, Becki Ronen, "Miss Flint Hills Becki Ronen," 5/18/09

Diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, Doug Powell, "Your Health: More Dirt On Disease and Washing Your Hands," 5/18/09 USA Today, Barg Blog

Chemistry, "Marinate Your Grilled Fare For Taste And Safety," 5/18/09 The Courier-Tribune, Arlington/Fairfax Sun Gazette, Beatrice Daily Sun, Carolina Coastline (News-Times, Tideland News, Topsail Voice), Carteret County News-Times, Columbus Local News, Geneva Finger Lakes Times, Georgetown News Graphic, Jacksonville Patriot,, Plattsmouth Journal, Titusville Herald, Watertown Daily Times, 5/19/09 Choteau Acantha, Cody Enterprise, Edwardsville Intelligencer, Teton Valley News, 5/21/09 Anahuac Progress, Charleston Express, Explorer Newspaper, Novato Advance, 5/27/09 Mason City Globe-Gazette, 5/29/09 Biddeford Journal Tribune, Cabot Star Herald, Carlisle Independent, Courier-Gazette, Lonoke Democrat, Plano Insider, The Gazette-Democrat

Student, Ross Connor, "Special To The Leaven," 5/18/09 The Leaven

Diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, Frederick Oehme, "West Dallas Residents Still Sick," 5/18/09 The Dallas Examiner

K-State, "Kansas State Scraps being Turned Into Compost," 5/18/09, ACED Magazine, CattleNetwork, Eureka! Science News, Hays Daily News, Hutchinson News, KAKE / KUPK ABC 10 Wichita, Kearney KHGI-NTV (NE), KFOR-TV NBC 4 Oklahoma City,, KWCH-TV CBS 12 Wichita (KS),, Newswise, Pittsburg KOAM, Topeka Capital-Journal, WIBW Kansas Newsleader, Your Favorite Things (Blog), 5/19/09 Garden City Telegram, Innovations-Report, KCTV-TV CBS 5 Kansas City

Veterinary medicine, Ralph Richardson, "K-State Opens House Showcases New Lab," 5/18/09

President Jon Wefald, "KSU President Awarded Army's Outstanding Civilian Service Medal," 5/18/09

Chemistry, Cliff Meloan, "Letters To The Editor," 5/18/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Former Professor, John Briggs, "Prof Feels Right at Home on Konza Prairie," 5/18/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, Michael Dryden, "Without Fleas," 5/18/09 USA Weekend

Political science, Dale R. Herspring, " NATO, Russia Share Dance of Diplomacy," 5/17/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Students, "Students Travel To Mexico-U.S. Border, Learn About Cross-Border Operations," 5/17/09 Manhattan Mercury

Kinesiology, Craig Harms, "Exercise May Affect How Food is Metabolized," 5/17/09 Manhattan Mercury

President Jon Wefald, "History Lesson, President Wefald Looks Back At 23 Years In K-State's Top Office," 5/17/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Student, Michele Murphy, "K-State Student Wins Trip To Europe," 5/17/09

President Jon Wefald, "Regents Should Reconsider," 5/17/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Human ecology, Gayle Doll, "Sunday, May 17, 2009," 5/17/09

Agricultural economics, Mike Woolverton, "Grain Outlook: Second-Guessing The USDA," 5/17/09 Cattle Network

K-State, "Secretary All Ears On Animal ID Tags," 5/17/09 Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Bakery science, "Bake Sales Require Safe Food-Handling Procedures," 5/17/09

Marketing, David Lehman, student, Courtney Sebree, E'Lise Schmidt, "You Did It, K-State Graduates Told To Keep Learning," 5/17/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, Michael Dryden, "Don't Pinch Pennies on Flea Control," 5/16/09 Macon Telegraph

Incoming freshman, Jarrod Bechard, "Mothers, Sons To Graduate Together," 5/16/09

Financial Aid, "EHS Seniors Tally $350,000 Worth," 5/16/09 emporiagazette,

Olathe Innovation Campus, "Construction Could Begin At Bioscience Park By Year End," 5/16/09 The Olathe News

Blue Key Honor Society, "College Notes," 5/16/09

Veterinary medicine, Susan Nelson, "Why Do Dogs Do That?" 5/16/09 The Wichita Eagle

Veterinary Medicine, Marjory Artzer, "Veterinarian Offers Advice On Evacuating With A Pet If Disaster Strikes," 5/16/09 Medical News Today, 5/18/09 Interest!ALERT,, News Blaze, Newswise, ZAMP BioWorld

Sustainability, Ben Champion, "K-State Scraps Being Turned Into Compost," 5/16/09, 5/17/09

Alumnae, Sally Wilson, "How I Got The Job | Sally Wilson, 50," 5/16/09

Civil engineering, Gene Russell, "Roundabouts Save Time and Gas," 5/16/09

Students, "Congratulations Class of 2009," 5/15/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Mathematics, Virginia Naibo, students, K-State Mathematics Team, " KSU Student, Team Finishes First In Mathematics Competition," 5/15/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Women's Studies, Valerie Carroll, students, "Semester Programs Encourage Activism," 5/15/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Chemistry, Clifton E. Meloan, "Some things Don't Change For The 'Old Prof'," 5/15/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Beach Museum, Kathrine Schlageck, Liz Seaton, " Exhibit Sets Theme For Summer Programming," 5/15/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Geography, Ryan Bergstrom, "K-State Researchers Identify 'Hot-Spots' For Sin, But They're Not Where You Might Think," 5/15/09 Kansas City Star, 5/18/09 Inspire Magazine

ROTC, "ROTC And The Future Of Liberal Education," 5/15/09 The Chronicle Review

K-State, "Column: Who Draws More Pay - Top Aide Or Lieutenant Governor?" 5/15/09

President Jon Wefald, "K-State Grads Take Center Stage," 5/15/09

Diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, Doug Powell, "Food Safety For People Who Don't Cook," 05/15/09 New York Times

National Bio- and Agro-defense Facility, "Some Assembly Required," 05/15/09 Site Selection Online

Entomology, Ludek Zurek, "Skepticism Explained," 05/15/09

Student, Jessica Pope, "Pope Named Outstanding Graduation Senior at K-State," 05/15/09

Former student, Andy Schuler Jr., "Schuler, Munson To Receive Meritorious Recognition," 05/15/09

Psychology, Meridith Selden, "Research Shows Employees Reluctant To Leave Their Jobs," 5/14/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Alumnus, Kyungsoo Woo, "IFT Selects Kyungsoo Woo As Industrial Scientist Award Winner For 2009," 5/14/09

Agronomy, Kevin Donnelly, "K-State Crops Team Scores Another National First," 5/14/09

Psychology, Ron Downey, student, Meridith Selden, "Psychology Research Shows Even In Hostile Working Environments, Employees Reluctant To Leave Jobs," 5/14/09 The Manhattan Mercury, 5/18/09 Earth Times, RedOrbit, 5/20/09 Science Daily

History, M.J. Morgan, students, "K-State Students From Chapman Center Help Wabaunsee County Residents Celebrate Heritage," 5/14/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Management, Roger McHaney, athletics, Bill  Snyder, College of Education, Janice Wissman, College of Human Ecology, Denis Medieros, College of Architecture, Planning and Design, Dennis Law, "Time To Don Caps, Gowns: Nearly 2,000 Will Graduate From K-State This Weekend," 5/14/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Alumnus, Devinder M. Malhotra, "Indian-American Appointed Vice President of US University," 05/14/09

Blue Key Honor Society, "Chapman Student Selected For Blue Key Senior Honor Society," 5/14/09 The Abilene Reflector-Chronicle

Management, Diane Swanson, "Quash Appearance of Any Conflict," 5/14/09

Mathematics, Virginia Naibo, "K-State: K-State Student Finishes First And K-State Team Ties For First In The 2009 Kansas Collegiate Mathematics Competition," 5/14/09

Family studies and human services, Kristy Pederson-Archuleta, "Kristy (Pederson) Archuleta To Speak At Burlington's Graduation," 5/14/09 The Alva Review-Courier

Alumnus, Devinder M. Malhotra, "Indian-American Appointed Vice President Of US University," 5/14/09 Economic Times

K-State, "Healthy Assessment: County Program Measures Condition of Your Lawn," 5/14/09 Lawrence Journal World

Entomology, Ludek Zurek, "Skepticism Explained," 5/14/09

K-State, "Tour Begins at Plots East of Russell High School," 5/14/09

Provost M. Duane Nellis, "New Presidents Or Provosts: Cleveland State U., Drexel U., Greenville College, Monroe CC, Stephens College, U. Of Idaho, Western Washington U.," 5/14/09 Inside Higher Education

Student, Shanda Wheeler, "One Final Note," 5/13/09 The Manhattan Mercury

Student, Amber Ziegler, "Preliminary Research Shows That Older Adults Want Grocery Stores To Carry Smaller Portions And Packages, Place Items Lower On Shelves," 05/13/09

Biology, Gary Conrad, "LASIK Research Continues In NEI/NIH Grant By Kansas State Professor," 05/13/09 Ophthalmology Times

K-State, "Feeding Winter Wheat To Cows & Calves," 05/13/09 Cattle Network

Animal sciences and industry, Charles Lee, "'Get It Done,' Deer Detractors Say of Plan To Cull at Shawnee Mission Park," 05/13/09 Olathe News

Student, Katie Coker, "Hays Man Advocates Physicals, Organ Donation," 05/13/09 Hays Daily News

K-State, "Need Extra Cash? Try Doing It Yourself," 05/13/09

Human nutrition, "Coffee May Perk Up Your Health," 05/13/09 Lawrence Journal World

K-State, "12-Year-Old Making Plans For Getting His Pilot's License," 05/13/09 Lawrence Journal World

Agricultural economics, Mike Woolverton, "US Winter Wheat Forecast Down About 20 Percent," 05/13/09, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, 5/26/09 High Plains Journal, Midwest Ag Journal

K-State, "Family Learns Of Radon Dangers," 05/13/09

Alumna, Sally Lundblad, "Principal Reason For LHS' Success," 05/13/09

Student, Hieu Sy "Danny" Vu, "KSU Student Recognized by Area Rotary Club," 5/13/09 The Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Big Cat Sighting In Wathena," 05/13/09

Veterinary medicine, "Due To Shortages, Veterinary Students Get A Free Ride," 05/12/09 Crawford County Press Agrus-Courier, 5/18/09 Carolina Coastline (News-Times, Tideland News, Topsail Voice), Tuskegee News, 5/26/09 Columbus Local News, Geneva Finger Lakes Times, Paris: Beacon-News, Richfield Reaper, Wellsboro Gazette, 5/28/09 Press Argus Courier

K-State, "KLA: K-State Upgrades Animal Disease Research Facilities," 05/12/09 Cattle Network

K-State at Salina, Dennis Kuhlman, public and alumni relations, Natalie Blair, "Blair Named To Public & Alumni Relations Post For K-State Aviation," 05/12/09 AMT

K-State, "Raccoon Bites Wakefield Woman, 84," 05/12/09 Dispatch On-line

Aviation, Kurt Barnhart, student, Sohei Tatsumura, "Landing Incident Won't Jeopardize Certificate," 05/12/09 Salina Journal

Agricultural economics, Michael Boland, John Crespi, Dustin Oswald, "Tap Into USDA's Value-Added Producer Grants," 05/12/09 Pork

Physics, Chris Sorensen, "Chris Sorensen Recognized As Cortelyou-Rust Distinguished Professor At K-State," 05/12/09 RBC Dain Raushcer

Leadership studies, John Carlin, "Column: Who Looks Good For Lieutenant Governor," 05/12/09 Topeka Capital Journal

Anthropology, Mike Wesch, "Symposium Examines New Media's Role In Education," 05/12/09 Georgetown University Online

K-State, "Keeping Pork on The Menu Makes Sense During Flu Outbreak," 05/12/09 Herald-Mail

Alumni, Shelly Chenowith, Jeremy Hubbard, Dr. Robert R. Rich, the late Dr. William Staerkel, and Dr. Matthew Stagner, "Five Going Into NHS's Lifetime Achievement Hall Of Fame," 05/12/09

Entomology, Ludek Zuerk, "Early Arrival," 05/12/09

K-State, "Study Shows Bible Belt States Rate Highest on Transgressions of The 7 Deadly Sins," 05/12/09, 5/20/09 Jackson Free Press

Clinical sciences, "How Dog Germs Spread," 05/12/09 Dog Dailys, 5/18/09 KPSP-TV CBS 2 Palm Springs, 5/29/09 WKBT-TV CBS 8 La Crosse, WEHT-TV News 25 ABC Evansville

David Petraeus Landon Lecture, "U. S. Says Will Not Stop Air Strikes In Afganistan," 5/11/09 The Chosun IIbo

Veterinary Medicine, Susan Nelson, "SIDEBAR: K-State Veterinarian Says Some Quirky Behaviors in Cats Show They Are 'Purr-Fectly' Content," 05/11/09

Geography, "How Do You Spell Lust? M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I," 05/11/09, 5/19/09

K-State, "Midwest Climate Change Research Center Awards $1.5 Million In Federal Grants," 05/11/09

Veterinary Medicine, Gary Anderson, Chuck Piazza, Robert Larson, Ralph Richardson, "Kansas State Hosts Open House At Its Upgraded Molecular Diagnostic Lab," 5/1/09 AgriMarketing

Extension Communications Center, "American Agri-Women Gets Grant To Produce TV Program," 05/11/09 Prairie Star

Aviation, Bill Gross, student, Mitchell Wagner, "K-State Salina Program Has Students Flying High," 05/11/09

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