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K-Staters in the news - February 2009


K-State's news services staff keeps track of news stories and features appearing in the media about K-State faculty and programs. If you know of a current article that we don't have listed, please let us know and we will add it.

K-State faculty members have a great reputation for being helpful to the news media. We see the results of this cooperation in national and regional news clips.


Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association, "K-State's 2008 World Rabies Day Events Earn First Place; Honor Means University To Be Site of International Symposium on Rabies in Fall 2009," 2/27/09 TMC News

K-State, "Kansas," 2/27/09 USA Today

K-State Rodeo, "K-State Rodeo Hosts 2,000 At Military Appreciation Day," 2/27/09 Fort Riley Post

K-State, "Australia Sign Agreement with Nanoscale Corporation To Distribute Fast-Act Products" 2/27/09

Management, Thomas Wright, "Happy Employees Generate $$, Unhappy Cost $$," 2/26/09 Wichita KSAS,, 02/27/09

K-State, "Eisenhower Center Site For Pakistani Students To Give Presentation," 2/26/09

Alumnus, John Hudelson, "Dr. John Hudelson Helped Snuff Out Brucellosis Among Livestock," 2/26/09 Rocky Mountain News

Grain science and industry, Virgil Smail, "United Sorghum Checkoff Program Welcomes Virgil Smail as New Executive Director," 2/26/09 Grainnet

Alumnus, Bill Kastner "Wichitan Reveals How He Invented Closed Captioning" 2/26/09 MSNBC.COM, 2/27/09 WVTM-TV NBC 13 Birmingham-Tuscaloosa-Anniston, WBIR-TV Knoxville

Management, Diane Swanson, "Avoiding Office Gossip and Politics Without Seeming Anti-Social," 2/26/09

Incoming president, Kirk Schulz, "Tech Alumnus Elected President of KSU," Collegiate Times

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Food Supply Must Be Protected Through Accelerated Reaserch," The Prairie Star 

Psychology, Brenda McDaniel, "Youths are Most Influenced By Negative Family Members and By Positive Adults Out," 2/26/09 Kansas City Infozine,, 2/27/09 ScienceMode, Impact Lab,, Signs of the Times, PhysOrg, Science Daily, WebWire, Eureka! Science News, American Association for the Advancement of Science/EurekAlert

Grain science and industry, Young-Cheng Shi, "Nothing Perfectly Sweet," 2/26/09 The University Daily Kansan

K-State, "New Aphid Soybean Varieties Will Be Available Soon," 2/26/09 The Prairie Star

K-State, "Computer Security at KU, K-State, Emporia State Faulty," 2/26/09 The Kansas City Star, Lawrence Journal-World, The Wichita Eagle, Pittsburg KOA, KWCH-TV CBS 12 Wichita, KCWE, Hays Daily News, Kearney KHGI-NTV, WIBW Kansas Newsleader, KAKE / KUPK ABC 10 Wichita, KSNT-TV NBC 27 Topeka, 2/27/09 KSHB-TV NBC 41 Kansas City, Topeka Capital-Journal, KMBC-TV ABC 9 Kansas City, KAKE / KUPK ABC 10 Wichita, KSNT-TV NBC 27 Topeka, KCWE, KABI / KSAJ / KSAL,

Students, Brian Koester, Todd Vogel, "K-State Honors,"

Alumnus, Kevin Honomichi, "City Council Candidates Provide Views," 2/26/09

Alpha Xi Delta, "Benefit Saturday For Daughter of Long Time Olathe Business Owners," 2/25/09 The Olathe News

Animal sciences and industry, Scott Beyer, "Interest in Small Poultry Flocks is Growing," 2/25/09 Poultry Today

K-State, "KU Earns Poor Score on Computer Security Audit," 2/25/09

Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy, David Procter, "Let's Talk, With Civility, About The Stinker Economy," 2/25/09 Christian Science Monitor

K-State, "Bioscience Authority Spurs Technical Growth," 2/25/09 Salina Journal

K-State, "'Comedy of Errors' is Loud Fun," 2/25/09 Manhattan Mercury

Social work, Don Kurtz, "Differences in How Male and Female Police Officers Manage Stress May Actually Accentuate Their Stress on the Job," 2/25/09 Kansas City InfoZine, 2/27/09 ScienceMode, Science Daily, Eureka! Science News, American Association for the Advancement of Science/EurekAlert

K-State, "K-State Funding Community Projects Around Kansas," 2/25/09 KSAL News

Diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, Doug Powell, "Maple Leaf Sends Tainted Meat in 'Error'," 2/25/09 The Star, Toronto Star, SmartBrief

Honors, "KSU Lists Honor Students," 2/25/09 Shawnee Dispatch

Sociology, anthropology, and social work, Harald Prins, "Native American Veteran's Day Proposed," 2/25/09 The Ellsworth American, 2/27/09 VillageSoup (Waldo)

K-State, "Pakistani Students To Speak in Abilene," 2/25/09 Salina Journal, 2/27/09 Abilene Reflector-Chronicle

K-State, "K-State's U-Speak Gives Kansas High School Seniors and Juniors Opportunity To Share Views on Political, Social Issues," 2/25/09 TMC News

Alumnus, G.P Peterson, "'Down To Earth,' Headed To Tech," 2/25/09 Atlanta Journal Constitution

Alumna, Angela Anderson, "Teaching The Wild," 2/25/09 Emporia Gazette

K-State, "K-State For All! To Raise Disability Awareness With Several Special Events," 2/25/09

K-State, "Scientists at Kansas State University Release New Data on Metabolism," 2/24/09 Cancer Weekly

K-State Rodeo, "Kansas State Rodeo = OPSU Success," 2/24/09 OPSU News

K-State, "Posts Starts Army's Firsts Teacher Licensure Program," 2/24/09 The 1st Infantry Division Post

K-State, "Cattle Health: New Tools For Assessing Pain," 2/24/09 Cattle Network

Plant Pathology, Bob Bowden, "Research: Fighting a New Kind of Enemy," 2/24/09 Feed & Grain

K-State, "Residents Learn Techniques For Raising Trees," 2/24/09 TMC News, Garden City Telegram, Windsor Star, Calgary Herald, The Province (Vancouver), Victoria Times Colonist, Montreal Gazette

Family studies and human services, Walter Schumm, "Military Relationship Study Published By SPC Doctoral Candidate," 2/24/09 Regent University

Physics, Bret Flanders, Prem Thapa, "Electrical Nanowires Probe Individual Cells," 2/23/09 National Science Foundation

Incoming president, Kirk Schulz, "K-State Greets New President," 2/23/09 49 News

K-State at Salina, Dennis Kuhlman, "Career Choice is The Toughest," 2/23/09 Salina Journal

K-State, "Electronic Text a New Way To 'Kindle' Interest," 2/23/09

Agricultural economy, Mike Wolverton, "Food Costs Rose Rapidly, But Fall Will Be Gradual," 2/23/09 Hutchinson News

K-State, "K-State Bans Disc Golf on Campus," 2/23/09 49 News

Diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, Michael Dryden, "Fleas Aren't Just a Fleeting Problem," 2/23/09 Herald Review, 2/25/09 Decatur Herald & Review

Apparel, textiles, and interior design, Deb Brosdahl, "Thrift Stores Offer Good Bargains in Tough Times," 2/23/09 The Independent, 2/25/09 Grand Island Independent

K-State, "KSU Fellows Program Recognizes 10 Alumni," 2/23/09 Manhattan Free Press

K-State, "Worldwide Visitors Need World Class Hosts," 2/23/09 GB Tribune

K-State, "Leadership Seminar To Focus on Resilience," 2/23/09 Wichita Eagle

K-State, "Kansas E-Waste Efforts Still Dust In The Wind," 2/23/09 Information Week's Green Computing Weblog

Alumnus, Wayne Caldwell, "Coast Guard Vice Admiral Gave Back To Academy," 2/23/09 Washington Post

Alumna, Tayna Schaaf, "It's Your Business," 2/23/09 Topeka Capital Journal

Political science, Joe Aistrup, "Analysis: Sebelius Knows of Tough Fights For Health-Care Overhaul in Kansas," 2/23/09 Kansas City Star

Political science, Dale Herspring, "Obama is Off To a Good Start With Russia," 2/22/09 Manhattan Mercury

Kinesiology, Craig Harms, "Strength Training In Seniors Shown To Reduce Muscle Loss," 2/22/09 Manhattan Mercury

Enrollment, "Enrollment Increases Continue at Kansas, Missouri Universities," 2/20/09 Kansas City Star, Wichita Business Journal, KBSD-TV, Topeka Capital-Journal

Political science, Joe Aistrup, "Sebelius Called Top Choice For Cabinet Post," 2/20/09 Wichita Eagle

Advance Manufacturing Institute, "K-STATE: K-State's Advance Manufacturing Institute Wins Advertising Award," 2/20/09 TMC News

Student, Lonnie Riedel, "Man Still Paralyzed After Shooting," 2/20/09 Salina Journal

K-State, "Commission Gives Media Center Vote of Confidence With Gift of $50K," 2/19/09 Kiowa County Signal

K-State, "Chemistry/Biochemistry Lecture Feb. 23," 2/19/09 Daily Headlines

K-State, "Sebelius Signs Budget Bill, Softens School Funding Cuts," 2/19/09 Kansas City InfoZine

Marketing, Esther Swilley, "K-State Marketing Professor Says Online Shopping Will Look Something Like Second Life In The Future," 2/19/09 Esciencenews, MSN Tech and Gadgets (UK), 02/20/09 Science Daily, Kansas City InfoZine,, ScienceMode, Government Technology,, Science Codex, American Association for the Advancement of Science/EurekAlert, Eureka! Science News, Genetic Engineering News

National Bio and Agro-defense Facility, "NBAF Dangers Being Ignored," 2/19/09 Lawrence Journal World

K-State at Salina, "Airport Authority Moves Further Into Contamination Cleanup," 2/19/09 Salina Journal

Architecture, Ray Streeter, "K-State Plays Host To Art, Music Events," 2/18/09 1st Infantry Division Post

History, Albert Hamscher, "Talking Tombstones: History in The Cemetery," 2/18/09 Lawrence Journal World

Students, Robert Gomez, Molly Hamm, "Truman Scholarship Finalists Hail From City," 2/18/09 Shawnee Dispatch

Honors, "K-State Students Earn Honors," 2/18/09 Atlantic News Telegraph

K-State, "Avian Flu Becoming More Resistant To Antiviral Drugs," 2/18/09

K-State, "Gardening Enables Older Adults to Meet Fitness Rcommendation," 2/18/09 eMaxHealth, Los Angeles Times, Science Daily, 2/19/09 Newburyport Daily News, Los Angeles Times, eMaxHealth, ScienceMode, Genetic Engineering News, American Association for the Advancement of Science/EurekAlert, Science Daily, 2/23/09 The Garden Granny, 2/24/09 Ottawa Citizen, 2/27/09 ThirdAge

Delta, Delta, Delta, "K-State Sorority Focuses on Healthy Body Image Education," 2/17/09 Capital-Journal

National Bio and Agro-defense Facility, "NBAF Allows KSU To Expand Work Already Underway," 2/17/09 Dispatch On-line

Plant pathology, Christopher R. Little, "Detecting Disease in Greenhouse Plants," 2/17/09 Science Daily, 2/18/09 Bio-Medicine, Science Daily, ScienceMode, Genetic Engineering News, American Association for the Advancement of Science/EurekAlert, 2/19/09 Brightsurf, Bio-Medicine, Science Daily, 2/20/09 Eureka! Science News, Innovations Report,

Journalism and mass communications, Fred Brock, "K-State Expert: Comfortable Retirement Still Possible Despite Economy," 2/17/09

Clinical sciences, Hans Coetzee, David Anderson, Brad White, "Veterinarians Developing Model To Help Producers, Vets Make Cattle More Comfortable," 2/17/09, 2/19/09,, PhysOrg, 2/20/09, Medical News Today

K-State, "Budget Stalemate Leaves State Employees, Tax Filers Uncertain," 2/17/09 Salina Journal, Manhattan Mercury

National Bio and Agro-defense Facility, "No NBAF in Kansas," 2/16/09 Proud Political Junkie's Gazette

K-State at Salina, "K-State Shows Off UAV Program," 2/16/09 Wichita Eagle, Topeka Capital-Journal

Anthropology, Michael Wesch, "Faculty Center For ELearning Presidents Brown-Bag Event Tomorrow," 2/16/09 University of St. Thomas

Education, Mike Ribble, "Cell Phones, Online Games, Instant Messaging, Social Networking and Other Technologies Have All Become Part of Daily Life For Children and Young Adults," 2/16/09

Sociology, Laszlo J. Kulcsar, "Their Styles May Clash, But Young and Old Have Some Common Ground," 2/16/09 Hutch News

Diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, Doug Powell, "Rodents and Food a Bad Mix, Experts Say," 2/16/09

English, Philip Nel, "Review of The Day: Tales For Little Rebels By Julie L. Mickenberg And Philip Nel," 2/16/09

Animal science, Dave Nichols, "Live Web Program To Address Genetic Defects in Cattle," 2/16/09 Kansas Livestock Association

Psychology, Richard Harris, "Reel Genius: KSU Study Explores Why We Love Movie Quotes," 2/16/09 Lawrence Journal World

Alumnus, Nathan Jackson, Ebony Theatre, "KSU To Welcome Playwright To Ebony Theatre," 2/16/09 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "K-State Researchers Work To Fight Food Diseases, Pests," 2/16/09 Manhattan Mercury

Incoming president and first lady, Kirk and Noel Schulz, "Together We Can Make K-State, Manhattan Even Better Places," 2/16/09 Manhattan Mercury

Advanced Manufacturing Institute, "K-State Program Helps Create New Airplane Lock Device," 2/16/09 Manhattan Mercury, 2/17/09, 2/24/09, Aircraft Maintenance Technology (AMT)

Open House, "University To Hold 30th Open House April 18," 2/16/09 Manhattan Mercury

Economics, Dan Koester, "Salina's Changing Fortunes," 2/15/09 Salina Journal

Kinesiology, Craig Harms, "Heart Abnormalities Affect Exercise Capacity, Study Finds," 2/15/09 Manhattan Mercury

Agricultural economics, "How The Beef Industry Can Buttress Demand," 2/15/09 Manhattan Mercury, 2/18/09 Farm Talk

Communication Studies, Nicole Laster, "KSU Expert Says Those Worried About Job Security Should Just Ask," 2/15/09 Manhattan Mercury

Political Science, Dale Herspring, "Gates and The Turnaround in Iraq," 2/15/09 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Noncredit Courses," 2/15/09 Salina Journal

Incoming president, Kirk Schulz, "Schulz To Visit Salina," 2/14/09 Salina Journal

K-State, "Chancellor's Search a Top Priority For KU and Kansas," 2/14/09 Lawrence Journal World

K-State, "Schools Take The Back Seat Again," 2/14/09 Boston Globe

K-State, "Gardening Helps Older Adults," 2/13/09 Ashland TAB, Canadian Garden Center & Nursery, 2/12/09 Southborough Villager, 2/9/09 Portland Press Herald

K-State, "Student Newspaper Wants More Students on Chancellor Search Committee," 2/13/09 Heard on the Hill

Horticulture, Richard Mattson, "Stumped For The Perfect Valentine's Gift To Give A Special Guy? Consider Flowers," 2/13/09 Pratt Tribune

K-State, "K-State Students Helping Fellow Students," 2/13/09 49 News: ABC Topeka

National Bio and Agro-defense Facility, "Bio-Defense Facility To Have Impact Beyond KSU," 2/13/09 Dispatch On-line

K-State, "Jolley: Five Minutes With Dr. Dave Sjeklocha, DMV, Animal Ag Activist," 2/13/09 Cattle Network

K-State, "Opus Northwest Chose For KSU Building," 2/13/09

K-State, "Kansas Livestock Association Launches 'Project Beef,'" 2/13/09 CattleNetwork

Political science, Joe Aistrup, "Prof: Sebelius is Good as Gone," 2/13/09 Kansas City Prime Buzz

Animal sciences and industry, Daniel Y.C. Fung, "Food Safety: Micro Matters," 2/13/09 Provisioner Online

Student Finance Association, "K-State Students Meeting Warren Buffett Face-To-Face March 27," 2/13/09 Trading Markets, Manhattan Mercury

Diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, "How To protect Your Dog and Family From Tick-Borne Disease," 2/13/09

Incoming president, Kirk Schulz, "New K-State President Will Promote Research," 2/13/09 http:/, KNEB-AM 960 Scottsbluff, KRVN AM/FM 880 Lexington

K-State Theater, "'Intimate Apparel' on KSU Stage," 2/12/09 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Make Plans For Valentine's Weekend," 2/12/09 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Food Drive To Benefit Three Communities," 2/12/09 themaneater

Agricultural economics, "Beef Demand Study Reveals Importance of Product Convenience, Nutrition, Safety," 2/12/09 AgProfessional

K-State, "K-State, USDA Develop Web Library on Cattle Risk Management," 2/12/09 Cattle Network

Communication studies, " K-State Communications Expert Says When Companies Face Downsizing and Other Changes, Employees Can Stay in The Know By Initiating Conversations With Bosses," 2/12/09 TMC News, Kansas City InfoZine

National Bio and Agro-defense Facility, "Napolitano Says Research Could Move To Kansas Early," 2/12/09 The Journal Record

Presidential candidate, "Candidate For School's President Impressed With Technical School," 2/12/09 Salina Journal

Incoming president, Kirk Schulz, "Schulz Dicusses Style, Finance, Athletics," 2/12/09 The Capital Journal

Incoming president, Kirk Schulz, "Look For This K-State President To Be More Hands off," 2/12/09 The Capital Journal

Incoming president, Kirk Schulz, "New KSU President Eager To Visit Salina Campus," 2/11/09 Salina Journal

National Bio and Agro-defense Facility, "Good Transition on NBAF," 2/11/09 Manhattan Mercury

Incoming president, Kirk Schulz, "New K-State President Stresses Inclusiveness," 2/11/09 Olathe News, 2/12/09 Kansas City Star

Psychology, "K-State Psychology Department Sponsoring Expert on Visual Awareness," 2/11/09

Incoming president, Kirk Schulz, "K-State Names Schulz its President," 2/11/09 Wichita Business Journal, Manhattan Mercury, Topeka Capital Journal,, Kansas City Star, K1070, Boston Globe and, Hutchinson News, KBSH-TV, KBSL-TV, Kearney KHGI-NTV, KMBZ-AM, KSCW-TV, KWCH-TV CBS 12 Wichita, Lawrence Journal-World, Memphis WMC, Memphis WREG-TV, The, The Sun Herald, The Wichita Eagle, Tupelo Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, WBZ-TV CBS 4 Boston, WCBI-TV CBS 6 Columbus, WDAM-TV NBC 7 Hattiesburg/Laurel, WLOX, WMC-TV Action News5 Memphis, WXVT-TV, 2/12/09 Starkville Daily News, Manhattan Free Press, Ascribe News,, Jackson Clarion-Ledger, KABI / KSAJ / KSAL, KBSD-TV, KCTV-TV CBS 5 Kansas City, Kearney KHGI-NTV, KMBC-TV ABC 9 Kansas City, KMBZ-AM, KNSS-AM, KRSL / KCAY, KSHB-TV NBC 41 Kansas City, KSNT-TV NBC 27 Topeka, KWCH-TV CBS 12 Wichita, Lawrence Journal-World, Memphis WMC, Salina Journal, Starkville Daily News, The, The Kansas City Star, The Wichita Eagle, TKA-TV 49 ABC News,, WCBI-TV CBS 6 Columbus, WDAM-TV NBC 7 Hattiesburg/Laurel, WIBW Kansas Newsleader, WLOX, WMC-TV Action News5 Memphis

Business Administration, "Happy Could Be Key To Success," 2/11/09 KSAL News, Demo Dirt

College of Veterinary Medicine, "K-State Veterinarian Warns Pet Owners To Watch What Type of Mulch They Use on Their Lawns: Cocoa Mulch Can Be Toxic To Pets," 2/11/09,, 2/12/09 KAKE/KUPK ABC 10 - Wichita

National Bio and Agro-defense Facility, "Biodefense Research Could Move To Kansas Early, DHS says," 2/11/09 Global Security Newswire, Lawrence Journal World

National Bio and Agro-defense Facility, Biosecurity Research Institute, "DHS' Napolitano Confirms NBF During Visit," 2/11/09 Manhattan Mercury, Topeka Capital Journal, American Veterinary Medical Association, Site Selection Magazine, Hays Daily News, Hutchinson News, Joplin Globe, Kearney KHGI-NTV, KTKA, KWCH-TV CBS 12 Wichita, Pittsburg KOAM, Kansas City Star, WIBW Kansas Newsleader

Presidential search, "UM President Kennedy Happy About Local Support," 2/11/09

Board of Regents, "Proposal For Tuition Breaks Approved By Committee," 2/11/09

National Bio and Agro-defense Facility, "NBAF Lab Plans Gain Traction," 2/11/09 Topeka Capital Journal

Presidential search, "President Kennedy To Stay at UMaine," 2/11/09 Bangor News

Clinical sciences, Kate Stenske, "K-State Vet Offers Advice," 2/11/09

Diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, Douglas Powell, "FBI joins Tainted Peanut Butter Probe," 2/11/09,,, Times of the Internet

Honors, "K-State Gives Semester Honors," 2/11/09 Herald-Online

K-State, "Cancer Center Would Benefit The Entire State," 2/11/09 Wichita Eagle

K-State, "Pit Bull Involved In Sunday Attack Wasn't Rabid," 2/11/09 Omaha World-Herald

Animal sciences and industry, Scott Beyer, "Interest in Small Poultry Flocks is Growing," 2/11/09, KNEB-AM 960 Scottsbluff, KRVN AM/FM 880 Lexington, Wichita Eagle, 2/13/09 The Rural Blog

Journalism and mass communications, Fred Brock, "Though Economy is K-State Expert Says Retirement Still Possible," 2/10/09 Kansas City Info Zine

McCain Performance Series, "Young Pianist Awes McCain Crowd," 2/10/09 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "K-State More Than Makes Up For 'Mishap' With Dighton Family," 2/10/09 Manhattan Mercury

Presidential search, "Decision Expected Soon," 2/10/09 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "KSU To Present Lunchbag Theatre Series," 2/10/09 Manhattan Mercury

Diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, Doug Powell, "Peanut Butter Makers Fight To Keep Customers," 2/10/09, 2/11/09 CNN International

College of Veterinary Medicine, "What Do You Do When Your Cat Gets a Common Cold? K-State Veterinarian Discusses Options or These Challenging Cases," 2/10/09, 2/11/09

K-State, "New Tool Gets Handle on Cropland CO2 Emissions," 2/10/09

National Bio and Agro-defense Facility, "Protest NBAF Germ Lab at Dept Homeland Security Sec Napolitano Visit," 2/09/09

Clinical studies, Daniel Thomson, "Taking Back an Industry," 2/09/09 Salina Journal

Agriculture, Fred Cholick, "Cattlemen Voice Concerns," 2/09/09 Salina Journal

K-State, "Neufeld's Decision To Name Himself To Board Criticized," 2/09/09 Topeka Capital Journal

K-State, "AP CEO Urges Better Press Access To Military Ops," 2/09/09 Associated Press

Diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, Doug Powell, "K-State Researchers Say Food-Safety Blogs Are Key Way To Reach New Generation Of Food Handlers," 2/09/09

K-State at Salina, "Co-Founder of Backpack Maker JanSport To Speak at K-State Salina," 2/09/09 KSAL News

K-State, "Free 'Webinar' Available For Gasoline-Dispensing Facilities," 2/09/09

Student, Julie Chelewski, "Rifle, Colorado Grad Pursues Ag Education Degree," 2/09/09 Citizen Telegram

Students, James Millsap, Dalton Henry, "Two K-State Students Selected To Attend USDA 2009 Ag Outlook Forum," 2/09/09

K-State at Salina, Richard Zajac, "Speed Racer," 2/09/09 Salina Journal

College of Veterinary Medicine, "Congressman Jerry Moran's Newsletter," 2/09/09 Independent/Reporter

Alumnus, G.P. "BUD" Peterson, "Colo. Administrator Tapped To Lead Ga. Tech," 2/09/09, 2/26/09 KMGH-TV ABC 7 Denver, Troy Record, Board of Regents (GA), Atlanta Business Chronicle, The, Athens Banner-Herald, Hays Daily News, Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post, Augusta Chronicle, Grand Junction Sentinel, The Macon Telegraph

K-State, "Senator Consolidation Proposal," 2/09/09

Presidential search, "Regents Meeting on K-State President," 2/09/09 Kansas City Star 

K-State, "Kansas Budget Talks Hit Impasse," 2/09/09 Kansas City Star, 2/10/09 Topeka Capital Journal

K-State, "Stimulus Funds To Test Fiscal Agility," 2/09/09

Theatre, Sally Bailey, "Arts Are Not Frills, and Deserve a Share of the Stimulus Package," 2/09/09 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Cutting Edge: Kansas State Charting UAV Territory," 2/09/09 Manhattan Mercury

Alumni, John and Cindy LaBarge, "Local Photographer Wins Platinum Status at National Competition," 2/09/09 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "'Wobbly' Show Goes On," 2/09/09 Manhattan Mercury

Political Science, Dale Herspring, "Obama Faces Big Challenge In Afghanistan," 2/08/09 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "K-State-KU Agreement is a Step Forward," 2/08/09 Manhattan Mercury

Kinesiology, Craig Harms, "Even Brief Or Occasional Exercise Reduced Risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes," 2/08/09 Manhattan Mercury

Biosecurity Research Institute, "Napolitano to Visit Kan. Next Week," 2/08/09 Manhattan Mercury, 2/9/09 KSHB-TV NBC 41 Kansas City, Pittsburg KOAM, KWCH-TV CBS 12 Wichita, The Wichita Eagle, Kearney KHGI-NTV, Hays Daily News, KABI / KSAJ / KSAL, Lawrence Journal-World, Topeka Capital Journal

Family Studies and Human Services, Briana Nelson-Goff, "Survey: Family Big Deal On Post," 2/08/09 Manhattan Mercury

Foundation, "We Know You're K-State Proud and Hope You'll Support Campaign," 2/08/09 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Enrollment Open For K-State Arabic Course Offered On Post," 2/08/09 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "K-State, KU Team-Up For Cancer Research," 2/08/09 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Strong Legacy," 2/8/09

Clinical sciences, Kate Stenske, "Does Your Pet Give You Sloppy Kisses'" 2/7/09, 2/9/09 OA News, 2/12/09 Indianapolis Star

Biology, Scott Todd, "The Problem of Evidence," 2/06/09

McCain Performance Series, "Piano Prodigy Plays McCain," 2/06/09 Topeka Capital Journal

Alumnus, Charles Cassias, "Cassias Named K-State Alumni Fellow," 2/06/09 Press Release Central

K-State, "LoBiondo: Poverty at Root of Terrorism," 2/06/09 Press of Atlantic City

Biology, Walter Dodds, "Nitrogen and Phosphorus Costs a Bundle," 2/06/09 Water Environment Federation

K-State, "College and University Endowments, 2008-2009," 2/06/09 Chronicle of Higher Education

Landon Lecture Series, "Petraeus to Speak at Landon Lecture," 2/06/09 Manhattan Mercury, Junction City Daily Union

K-State, "K-State Showing Black Films in February," 2/06/09 Manhattan Mercury

Student, Jesus Garcia, "Researchers Study the Effects of Pilot's Maneuvers on the Body," 2/06/09 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Layoff Panels Created: No Plans Announced to Implement Cuts Yet at Kansas State," 2/06/09 Manhattan Mercury

Sociology, anthropology, and social work, Michael Wesch, "KSU's Wesch Receives National Honor," 2/06/09 Manhattan Mercury

Diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, Doug Powell, "Peanut Plant Says Audits Declared It in Top Shape," 2/05/09 New York Times

English, Phillip Nel, "Tales For Little Rebels," 2/05/09 C-Span

Political science, Joe Aistrup, "Sebelius Back On Radar For Cabinet Post," 2/05/09 Kansas City Star, McClatchy Washington Bureau

K-State, "State May Lose KTEC Advantage," 2/05/09 Wichita Eagle

Political science, Joe Aistrup, "Will Either Moran or Tiahrt Blink," 2/05/09

Presidential search, "UMaine Student Senate Asks Kennedy To Stay," 2/05/09 Bangor News

Music, Slawomir Dobrzanski, "NSU To Host Piano Recital Monday," 2/05/09 Natchitoches Times

Alumna, "JoCo Setting of "United States Of Tara," Has Real-Life Connection," 2/05/09 Kansas City Star

K-State, "Cancer Center Would Benefit The Entire State," 2/05/09 Wichita Eagle

Agricultural economics, Barry Flinchbaugh, "K-State's Flinchbaugh Pleasantly Surprised By Obama Cabinet Picks," 2/05/09 Hoosier Ag Today

K-State, "Cattle Meeting Has Busy Schedule," 2/05/09

K-State, "A Play for Black History Month," 2/05/09 Manhattan Mercury

National Bio and Agro-defense Facility, "KSU Site for New $450 Million Federal Bio-Defense Lab," 2/5/09 TopNews United States

Grain science and industry, Dale Jude Pardo Moog, "Obituaries," 2/05/09 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "From Which States Do Most KSU Students Come," 2/05/09 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Music to Take Center Stage in February," 2/04/09 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Ballet Theatre Offers Varied Program," 2/04/09 Manhattan Mercury

Grain science and industry, Dale Jude Pardo Moog, "Kansas Grain Science and Industry Researcher Dr. Dale Jude Pardo Moog Dies Unexpectedly in Manhattan, KS," 2/04/09

K-State, "Plans Announced For Private-Sector KC Animal Health Corridor Project," 2/04/09 Kansas City Star

K-State, "Wind Energy Could Head To Classrooms," 2/04/09

Agricultural economics, Barry Flinchbaugh, "Economist: So Far, So Good With Obama," 2/04/09 The Country Today

Student, Jesus Garcia, "K-State Student Researches Stressors From Fighter Pilots' Up-Down Maneuvers," 2/04/09

Horticulture, Candice Shoemaker, "Gardening Gives Adults Benefits Like Hand Strength And Self-Esteem," 2/04/09 Science Daily, Medindia Health News,, Khabar Express, Indians in Thailand, Bio-Medicine, RedOrbit, GeneRef, Digital Journal, Medical News Today,, TopNews Health, 2/5/09, tingilinde, Times of the Internet,,,, KTKA-TV 49 ABC News, Department of Health (MS), YubaNet, HandsNet, UPI

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