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K-Staters in the news - April 2009


K-State's news services staff keeps track of news stories and features appearing in the media about K-State faculty and programs. If you know of a current article that we don't have listed, please let us know and we will add it.

K-State faculty members have a great reputation for being helpful to the news media. We see the results of this cooperation in national and regional news clips.


Diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, Juergen Richt, "K-State Prof Used To Deadly Viruses," 4/30/09 Topeka Capital Journal

Diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, Juergen Richt, Steve Dritz, "Swine Flu Not Found In U.S. Swine Herds," 4/30/09 Kansas City InfoZine

K-State, "Chekhov Play Gets Good Treatment At Kansas State," 4/30/09 Manhattan Mercury

Leadership studies, John Carlin, "Carlin: Sebelius Arrives Late," 4/30/09 Topeka Capital Journal

Students, "K-State Students Receive Blue Key Scholarships," 4/30/09 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Wichita Family To Provide Fellowship, Travel Awards To K-State Graduate Students," 4/30/09 Manhattan Mercury

Engineering Experiment Station, Byron Jones, "Swine Flu Fears Affecting Travel," 4/29/09

Diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, Juergen Richt, "Flu's Name Is Bad Rap For Swine," 4/29/09 Kansas City Star

Biosecurity Research Institute, "Area Vet Says Don't Blame Pigs For Flu Outbreak," 4/29/09 Salina Journal

Animal sciences and industry, Daniel Y.C. Fung, "Applied Biosystems Launches New Tools To Increase Food Safety Through Detection of Salmonella and Listeria Monocytogenes," 4/29/09

Political science, Joe Aistrup, "Governor's Legacy Is Vast," 4/29/09 Hutch News

Clinical sciences, Brad White, "New Web Site Dedicated To Bovine Viral Diarrhea," 4/29/09

National Bio and Agro-defense Facility, "Texans Sue Homeland Security Over Biodefense Facility Selection," 4/29/09 AllGov

Anthropology, Michael Wesch, "2 Professors Rock Out Online To Study Fame - And Us" 05/01/09 Chronicle of Higher Education

Diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, Frederick Oehme, "Is The Mystery of The Polo Ponies Solved?" 4/29/09

Students, "K-State Students Recognized For Creative International Photography," 4/28/09

Veterinary Diagnostics Lab, Richard Hesse, diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, Juergen Richt, Robert Rowland, Lafene Health Center, Robert Tackett, "KSU Planning Conference on Swine Flu," 4/28/09 49 News: ABC Topeka

General David Petraeus Landon Lecture, "Petraeus Parallels Iraq, Afghanistan Strategies," 4/28/09

Lafene Health Center, Robert Tackett, public safety, Steven Galitzer, "K-State Sets Up Swine Flu Hotline, Plan in Place," 4/28/09 WIBW.TV, 49 News: ABC Topeka

National Bio- and Agro-defense Facility, "More Evidence That Kansas State Is The Right Location For NBAF," 4/28/09 Farm Progress: The Farmer

General David Petraeus Landon Lecture, "Petraeus Says Afghanistan, Pakistan Success Linked," 4/28/09 Lawrence Journal World

Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art, "Military Open House Scheduled," 4/28/09 Topeka Capital Journal

K-State, "Free Community Revitalization Workshops Scheduled For The Cities of Dodge City, Topeka and Wichita, KS," 4/28/09

Anthropology, "Hospital Artifacts on Display at Wellness Fair on May 30," 4/28/09 Abilene Reflector-Chronicle

Horticulture, recreation and forestry, Seong-Jyun Park, Richard H. Mattson, "Real Flower Power: Study Shows Plants Speed Healing," 4/27/09

K-State, "Hate On A Plate," 4/27/09

Diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, Juergen Richt, "Focus Here is on Swine," 4/27/09 Manhattan Mercury

National Bio- and Agro-defense Facility, "Texas Tantrum," 4/27/09 Lawrence Journal World

K-State, "K-State Center Honors Community Service Efforts," 4/27/09 Manhattan Mercury

Diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, "Improving Food Safety Depends on Culture Change, Speakers Say," 4/27/09 Northwest Arkansas News

Alumna, Maxine Strawn, "Maxine Strawn is Retired But Far From Tired," 4/27/09 Salina Journal

National Bio- and Agro-defense Facility, "Editorial: Kansas Won NBAF Facility Fair and Square," 4/26/09 Topeka Capital Journal

National Bio- and Agro-defense Facility, "In The Path of The Storm," 4/26/09

4-H youth development, Justin Wiebers, "K-State To Offer Discovery Days For Teens," 4/26/09 High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal

K-State, "In Kansas, International Visitors Become Friends," 4/26/09 High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal

K-State, "KSU Develops Partnership With Fort Scott Community College," 4/26/09 Manhattan Mercury

Center For Child Development, "KSU Center For Child Development Is Grateful For Donors, Volunteers" 4/26/09 Manhattan Mercury

Music, David Littrell, "Littrell Does Most of The Work at Tribute To Him," 4/26/09 Manhattan Mercury

Gen. David Petraeus Landon Lecture, "Petraeus Knows The Terrain," 4/26/09 Manhattan Mercury

Political Science, Dale R. Herspring, "U.S. Middle East Worry About Israeli Strike on Iran," 4/26/09 Manhattan Mercury

Computer science, A.J Chinn, "Top Students Rethinking Their Futures," 4/25/09 Topeka Capital Journal

K-State at Salina, "K-State Salina Offering Summer Camps For Kids," 4/25/09 Salina Journal

National Bio and Agro-defense Facility, "Texans Say Kansas Didn't Play Fair in NBAF Selection Process," 4/24/09 Lawrence Journal World

Music, Frank Tracz, "K-State Band Secured Fall," 4/24/09

National Bio and Agro-defense Facility, "Column: San Antonio Not Immune To Tornadoes," 4/24/09 Topeka Capital Journal

K-State, "Jenkins Was Wise To Use Method She Dislikes To Seek Financing For Projects In Her District," 4/24/09 Topeka Capital-Journal

K-State, "Couple Awarded For Their Contribution To KSU," 4/24/09 Manhattan Mercury

National Bio and Agro-defense Facility, "There's No Place Like..Wait, Texas for NBAF? Read The Complaint," 4/24/09

Alumnus, Gen. Richard B. Myers, "Varney's To Host Book Signing By Gen. Myers," 4/24/09 Manhattan Mercury

Student, Joshua Linn, "Joshua Linn Joins SPIRIT Scholars At KSU," 4/24/09 Abilene Reflector-Chronicle

Educational Communications Center, Gen. David Petraeus Landon Lecture, "Landon Lecture By Gen. David Petraeus at K-State April 27 To Be Carried Live on K-State TV," 4/24/09

Plant pathology, Bob Bowden, "Focus on Research: Fighting a New Kind of Old Enemy," 02/23/09

National Bio and Agro-defense Facility, "Inside DHS Bioterror Storm," 4/23/09

Theatre, "Play's Production More Interesting Than Its Story," 4/23/09 Manhattan Mercury

National Bio and Agro-defense Facility, "Inside DHS Bioterror Storm," 4/23/09

National Bio and Agro-defense Facility, Vice President for Research, Ron Trewyn, "Bio Lab in Tornado Ally," 4/23/09 Homeland 1 News

Veterinary medicine, Michael Cates, "Dr. Michael B. Cates Takes Leadership Role on AVMA's One Health Joint Steering Committee," 4/24/09 Red Orbit

National Bio and Agro-defense Facility, "Texas Lawsuit Over National Bio And Agro-Defense Facility," 4/23/09

Hazardous Substance Center, "Workshops Target Grants For Contaminated Areas," 4/23/09 Hutch News

Plant pathology, Erik De Wolf, "Foliar Disease Issues in Wheat Relatively Small, But Keep Monitoring," 4/23/09 Cattle Network

Student, Michael Heise, "Gun Restrictions Could Change On Campus," 4/23/09

Student, Lara Fackrell, landscape architecture and regional and community planning, Stephanie Rolley, "K-State Student Wins Award For Her Electronic Thesis," 4/23/09

National Bio and Agro-defense Facility, "An Orwellian Nightmare," 4/22/09 Salina Journal

K-State, "Kansas State, Army Community Service Partnership Helps Soldiers, Families," 4/22/09

Clinical sciences, Mike Apley, "Beyond The Sound Bites," 4/22/09 Drovers

Sustainability, Ben Champion, student, Brandon Gonzalez, "K-State Food Waste Creates Cycle," 4/22/09 Topeka Capital Journal

K-State, "Attorney Seeking Class Action Suit Against Atrazine States His Case," 4/22/09

Agricultural economics, Jim Mintert, "U.S. Producers Will Farrow Fewer Sows In 2009," 4/22/09 Farm & Ranch Guide

Former President Milton Eisenhower, "Twin Ambition," 4/22/09

Electrical and computer engineering, Ruth Douglass Miller, "Randolph Wind Turbine Is Up," 4/21/09

Chemical engineering, James Edgar, student, Heather Arnold, "K-State Senior From Topeka Researches More Efficient Lighting Sources," 4/21/09

K-State, "The Ups and Downs of Town and Gown," 4/21/09 Lawrence Journal World

National Bio and Agro-defense Facility, "State Leaders Pursuing on Agro-Defense Facility," 4/21/09 Lawrence Journal World

Animal sciences and industry, Jennifer Bormann, Dan Moser, "K-State Research Examines Breeding For RFI in Heifers," 4/21/09 Farm Talk Newspaper

Architecture, Bruce McMillan, "With Jobs Scarce, Will Young Architects Flee The Profession," 4/21/09 Architectural Record

K-State, "Brown Bag Lecture," 4/20/09 49 News: ABC Topeka

Applied Aviation Research Center, Kurt Barnhart, "Remote Assistance," 4/20/09 Wichita Eagle

Family and consumer sciences, Megan Sauber, "Teen Acquires A Taste For State Leadership," 4/20/09 Salina Journal

Alumni, Paul Edgerley, Bernard Franklin, "K-State Awards Edgerley-Franklin Urban Scholarships To Four High School Seniors," 4/20/09

Educational Leadership, Bob Shoop, "Teacher/Pupil Sex Abuse Not A New Problem," 4/20/09 Hutch News

Alumnus, Kirk Demuth, "Flying UAV Takes As Much Know-How As Regular Plane," 4/20/09 Wichita Eagle

K-State, "Did You Know," 4/19/09 Topeka Capital Journal

Agricultural economics, Barry Flinchbaugh, "Kan. Farmers: Cuba Policy Shift Long Overdue," 4/19/09 Miami Herald

Horticulture, Rhonda Janke, "Kansas Is Ripe For Tapping Into Its Local Food Production Potential," 4/19/09 Salina Journal

K-State at Salina, "A Touch of History in Salina," 4/19/09 KSAL News

K-State, "State Job Cuts On The Table," 4/18/09 Topeka Capital Journal

Aviation, Kurt Barnhart, "Simulator To Benefit K-State Students," 4/18/09 Salina Journal

Federation of College Republicans, "GOP Candidates Go To College," 4/18/09 Topeka Capital Journal

Educational Leadership, Bob Shoop, "School Bus Safety," 4/18/09 Kerrville Daily Times

Center For Excellence For Poultry, Scott Beyer, "Preservation Through Consumption," 4/18/09

President Jon Wefald, "Popular State Civic Leader Dies," 4/18/09 Salina Journal

Institute of Personal Financial Planning, Kristy Archuleta, "With This $19.95 Ring, I Thee Wed A Spendthrift," 4/18/09

Apparel, textiles, and interior design, Jana Hawley, "K-State's Jana Hawley To Serve As President-Elect Of International Textile And Apparel Association," 4/17/09

Engineering, Richard Hayter, student, Derek Woodman, Stacey Ahem, Andrew Harris, "K-State Engineering Students Earn National Tau Beta Pi Awards," 4/17/09

National Bio and Agro-defense Facility, "Letter: Plan Frightening," 4/17/09 Topeka Capital Journal

Olathe Innovation Campus, "Morris Animal Foundation Deal May Aid Animal Health Effort In Kansas City Area," 4/17/09 Kansas City Business Journal

K-State, "Four Steps To a Flat Tummy," 4/17/09 Indian Express

Alumnus, Stephen Russell, "Allflex USA Expands National Sales and Marketing Efforts," 4/17/09 AgriMarketing

Agriculture economics, Art Barnaby, "Winter Wheat Growers Gain New Advantage With Delay of Farm Program Signup," 4/17/09 Aberdeen News

Students, Valerie Stull, Courtney Held, Kiera Evans, "News & Commentary," 4/17/09

Diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, Michael Dryden, "How To Protect Your Dog and Family From Tick-Borne Disease," 4/17/09

National Agro and Bio-defense Facility, "Builders Scramble For Work," 4/17/09 Wichita Eagle

Agriculture economics, James Minert, Tim Schroeder, "Beef Industry Looks Past Recession To Future Demand," 4/17/09 Green Sheet Farm Forum

Agriculture economics, Barry Flinchbaugh, "Farmers: Cuba Policy Shift Long Overdue," 4/17/09 Hutch News

K-State, "Kansas Town Hall Meeting To Discuss 'The World Without US' Documentary," 4/17/09 Wichita Eagle

Architecture, Gary Coates, student, Rebekah Udall, "Students in K-State Architecture Studio Create Sturdy, Sustainable Homes To Suit Greensburg Residents," 4/17/09 TMCnet

Geology, Iris Totten, "Kansas State Piloting TerraWorld in Second Life," 4/16/09 Virtual Worlds News

K-State, "Army Food Not Like in Beetle Bailey," 4/16/09 49 News ABC Topeka

Equestrian team, "Time At Reins Guides Girls' College Choices," 4/16/09 Washington Post

Computing and information sciences, Gurdip Singh, engineering, John English, "K-STATE: Gurdip Singh To Head Department of Computing and Information Sciences in K-State's College of Engineering," 4/16/09 TMCnet

K-State at Salina, "New UAV Center To Be Unveiled at Symposium," 4/16/09, Wichita Business Journal

Clinical sciences, Mike Apley, "International Conference May 27-29 at K-State on The Use of Antimicrobials in Cattle Production," 4/16/09 Cattle Network

Student, Matthew Pannell, "The Dougout," 4/16/09

Cultural anthropolgy, Michael Wesch, "Taking Note: Lectures and Dull Slideshows Are Becoming Fun," 4/16/09

K-State, "Parcel By Parcel, The Kansas Town That Was Reduced To Rubble Two Years Ago is Erecting a Sustainable Future," 4/1/09

Civil engineering, Sunanda Dissanayake, "Study: Speed Limit Signs Make Little Difference,"4/15/09 The Garden City Telegram

Foundation, "KSU Foundation Cuts Jobs," 4/15/09 13 WIBW.TV

Diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, Doug Powell, "Food Safety: Good Enough To Eat" 4/16/09 The Peninsula

Agronomy, Jim Shroyer, "Wheat is Mostly Unscathed After Late Spring Freeze," 4/16/09 The Wichita Eagle

Veterinary medicine, "First Class of Nebraska Vet Students Headed For Iowa State," 4/16/09 Nebraska State Paper

Human Nutrition, Kate Hudson, "Studies Back Health, Heart Specific Benefits of Omega-3s," 4/15/09 Lawrence Journal World

Geography, Chris Laingen, "State Geography Convention Starts Today," 4/16/09

Animal science and industry, Dan Moser, "K-State Beef Research Studies Effects of Breeding For RFI in Heifers,"4/15/09

Alumnus, Benard Franklin, "Franklin To Speak at Baker," 4/16/09

Alumnus, Norman Sollenberger, "Former Civil Engineering Chair, Dies at 96,"4/15/09 Princeton University

Center for Basic Cancer Research, "Student Receive Research Awards," 4/16/09 Manhattan Free Press

K-State at Salina, "K-State At Salina Open House Set For Saturday," 4/15/09 Salina Journal

K-State, "KTEC Likely To Evolve After Veto," 4/15/09 Wichita Eagle

Southeast Agricultural Research Center, "SE Kansas Ag Field Day To Be Held May 7," 4/15/09 Wichita Eagle

Animal science and industry, Dan Moser, "IBBA Launches Brangus Video," 4/15/09

Music, Slawomir Dobrzanski, "Former Bethany Faculty Return For Evening Musical Performance," 4/15/09 Abilene Reflector-Chronicle

Alumnus, Pat Roberts, "Kan. Sen. Pat Roberts Recovering After Surgery To Repair Torn Cartilage in Left Knee," 4/14/09

K-State at Salina, Natalie Blair, "K-State Salina: Magazine Sales a Scam," 4/14/09 Salina Journal

K-State, "Delegate Earmarks Criticized," 4/14/09 Topeka Capital Journal

Physics, Bruce Law, student, Frank Male, "K-State Senior From Eudora Researches Physics of Liquid Surfaces," 4/14/09

Agronomy, Mickey Ransom, student, Paul Hartley, Kim Kerschen, Kelsey McGie, Stuart Watts, Angela Tran, Kerri Neugebauer, Timother Foster, "K-State Soil Judging Team Wins First Place," 4/14/09

Tuition, "Tuition Freeze Talk Heats Up," 4/14/09

Agricultural economics, Mike Woolverton, "Brazil Breadbasket Teeters With Economic Meltdown," 4/14/09 New York Times

Chemical engineering, Vikas Berry, "K-State Engineers Create DNA Sensors That Could Identify Cancer Using Material Only One Atom Thick," 4/13/09 e! science News

Veterinary medicine, Ronnie Elmore, "White House Life: Bo, The Nations First Pet," 4/14/09

Kinesiology, Mellissa Bopp, Andy Kaczynski, student, Pam Wittman, "Survey Research Looks at Attitudes, Obstacles To Walking and Biking To Work," 4/13/09 Science Blog

Beach Museum of Art, "'American Soldier ' Gallery on Display at Beach Museum," 4/10/09 Fort Riley News Network

Aviation, "K-State At Salina Receives Glass Cockpit Learning Equipment From Ltd.," 4/14/09

Clinical sciences, David S. Hodgson, "David Hodgson Receives K-State's E.R. Frank Award," 4/13/09

K-State, "NASA Exhibit To Be Part of KSU Salina Open House," 4/14/09 KSAL News

K-State, "Central Kansas Japanese Festival," 4/11/09 Kansas City Infozine

Plant pathology, Erick Dewolf, "Kansas Sees Few Leaf Diseases on Wheat So Far," 4/13/09 Dj Market Talk

Education, Jan Middendorf, Stephen L. Benton, "Can't We All Just Get Along?" 4/14/09 Inside Higher Ed

President Jon Wefald, "More Budget Cuts Ahead in Kansas Legislature," 4/13/09 Kansas City Star

Chemical engineering, Vikas Berry, student, Nihar Mohanty, "K-State: Conncecting Materials Science With Biology, K-State Engineers Create DNA Sensors That Could Identify Cancer Using Material Only One Atom Thick," 4/13/09

Clinical sciences, Hans Coetzee, David Anderson, Brad White, "K-State Veterinary Researchers Developing Model," 4/13/09 High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal

K-State, "Sex Behind The Nursing Room Curtain," 4/13/09 Health

Kinesiology, Melissa Bopp, Andy Kaczynski, student, Pam Wittman, "K-State Survey Research Looks at Attitudes, Obstacles To Walking And Biking To Work," 4/13/09

Horticulture, Terry Mannell, "Wetlands Center To Open Soon," 4/13/09 Wichita Eagle

Salina engineering technology, Raju Dandu, "3 To Interview For Board Post," 4/13/09 Salina Journal

K-State, "Kansan Founded K-State, More," 4/13/09 Wichita Eagle

Student, Maki Kashiwaya, "Central Kansas Japanese Festival," 4/13/09 Kansas City InfoZine

K-State, "Think College Life is a Vacation? At KU, It Can Be," 4/13/09 Kansas City Star

Alumna, Zeina Daccache, "Inmates at Lebanon's Largest Prison Take Drama To Heart," 4/12/09

Salina public and alumni relations, Natalie Blair, "Natalie Blair Named Coordinator of Public and Alumni Relations at Kansas State University at Salina," 4/12/09 Salina Journal

Geology, Keith Miller, "Paleontologist To Speak at SSU Friday," 4/11/09 Ironton Tribune

Agronomy, Chuck Rice, "Down To Earth Carbon Science: Briefing April 15 in DC," 4/10/09

K-State, "Constellation-NASA's New Spacecraft: Ares and Orion," 4/10/09

K-State, "GEAPS-KSU Distance Ed Program Offers FGIS Grain Inspection Orientation Course Beginning June 1," 4/10/09

Student, Nicole Wyant, "ASPRS Announces 2009 Winner of The Abraham Anson Memorial Scholarship," 4/10/09

Horticulture, forestry, and recreation resources, Steve Keeley, Jack Fry, "Sports Turf Management is Focus of New K-State Option," 4/10/09 Kansas City InfoZine

Engineering, "SIUC Hosts Steel Bridge/Concrete Canoe Contest," 4/10/09

Anthropology, Mike Wesch, "10 High Fliers on Twitter," 4/10/09 Chronicle of Higher Education

Computing and information sciences, Robby, "Single Name Isn't Only Reason K-State Professor Stands Out," 4/10/09

Open House, "K-State To Host Open House," 4/10/09 Fort Riley Post

English, Judy Collins, "English Professor To Give Program on Audubon," 4/10/09 Salina Journal

Distance Education, "K-State Distance Education Summer and Fall Enrollment Under Way," 4/10/09

President Jon Wefald, First Lady Ruth Ann Wefald, alumnus, Miles Phillips, "New York Cabaret Star and K-State Alum Miles Phillips To Give Concert in Honor of Jon and Ruth Ann Wefald," 4/10/09

National Agro and Bio-defense Facility, "State Bioscience Business Growth Offers Potential For Wichita Economy," 4/10/09 Wichita Business Journal

K-State, "Lynn Jenkins Asks For Funding," 4/09/09 Topeka Capital Journal

Computer and information sciences, Tim Weninger, "K-State Researcher Receives National Defense Science And Engineering Graduate Fellowship, Uses Computer Programs To Make Sense of Information Overload," 4/09/09 TMCnews,

Student, Mychal Davis, "K-State Student Researching If Bacteria Can Escape From Labs," 4/09/09

Music, Kurt Gartner, "Jazz-filled Day Planned," 4/09/09 Topeka Capital Journal

Petraeus Landon Lecture, "KSU To Require Tickets For Petraeus Address," 4/09/09 Manhattan Mercury

Alumnus, Van Handel, "One Lost in Wisconsin C337 Downing," 4/09/09

Aviation, Raylene Alexander, student, Ian Lewis, "Lack of Communication Causes Most Air Crashes," 4/08/09 Salina Journal

Agricultural economics, Barry Flinchbaugh, "2009 Ag Media Summit Announced," 4/08/09 AgriMarketing

McCain Performance Series, "Glenn Miller Orchestra To Perform at K-State's McCain Auditorium," 4/08/09

National Agro and Bio-defense Facility, "Biothreat Lab Draws Interest," 4/07/09, Lab Manager

K-State, "Ecological Insect Elimination," 4/07/09 Jerusalem Post

K-State, "USDA-CSREES Awards $5 Million in Air Quality Grants," 4/07/09 AG Professional

National Agro and Bio-defense Facility, "The Department of Homeland Security Took a Step Toward Breaking Ground on a New Bio-defense Lab on K-State's Campus," 4/07/09 WIBW, 49 ABC News, Kansas Public Radio, KSAL News,, Wichita Eagle

Mechanical and nuclear engineering, Terry Beck, "K-State Team Wins Aviation Design Competition," 4/07/09

K-State, "Ecological Insect Elimination," 4/07/09 Jerusalem Post

K-State, "Regional Initiative Works To Address Agriculture and Water Quality," 4/07/09 University of Nebraska Lincon

Nichols Theater, "K-State Theatre Presents Anton Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard," April 2009 Mercury Chamber Newsletter

Alumnus, Jody Brazil, "Secure Passage Names Security Industry Veteran Jody Brazil as Its President and CTO," 4/7/09 Media NewsEdge

Beef Cattle Institute, "KSU's Beef Cattle Institute Provides Advocacy Training," 4/7/09 Abilene Reflector-Chronicle

Students, Amy Rucker, Shaun Rucker, Justin Dodge, Katie Matthew, "3RD Annual Big 12 MBA Case Competition," 4/7/09 News Blaze

K-State, "Wichita Businesses To Get Some Exposure," 4/7/09 Wichita Eagle

Business administration, David M. Andrus, "AVMA Warns of Continued Veterinary Shortages," 4/6/09

National Agro and Bio-defense Facility, "NBAF Already Drawing Interest to Region, " 4/6/09,

Student life, Pat Bosco, "AP: Recession Not Hurting Kansas Scholarships," 4/6/09 The Garden city telegram

Aviation, Kurt Barnhart, "K-State Aviation's Unmanned Aerial Systems Capability Growing To Meet Military, Industry Demand," 4/6/09

Animal sciences and industry, Michael Dikeman, "K-State Research Shows Potential in Feeding Cull Cows," 4/6/09 Cattle Network, AG professional

President Jon Wefald, budget, "State Cuts To Kansas Universities Funds Total $63 Million," 4/6/09 Wichita Eagle

English, Michele Janette, "K-State To Host National Cultural Studies Association Conference in KCMO," 4/6/09 Kansas City Infozine

Agronomy, Jim Shroyer, "Overnight Freezing Temps May Impact Wheat Market," 4/6/09

Student, Caitlin Muret, "Muret Works on Spring Break Community Service Project," 4/6/09 Winfield Daily

Student, Nicole Wayant, "ASPRS Announces 2009 Awards Winners," 4/6/09 Directions Magazine

Student Life, Pat Bosco, "K-State Scholarship Money Ok," 4/6/09 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "It's Good To Be in a College Town," April 2009 Mercury Chamber Newsletter

Music education, Jana Fallin, "Fair Lady of The Plains," 4/6/09 Manhattan Mercury

Music, William Wingfield, "Artists Present Moving Evening of Music at K-State," 4/6/09 Manhattan Mercury

National Agro and Bio-defense Facility, "Funding For Nistac Completion on Agenda," 4/6/09 Manhattan Mercury

Beach Museum of Art, Roy C. Langford, "K-State's Beach Museum of Art Expands Their Collection," April 2009 Mercury Chamber Newsletter

K-State, "Discussions Link Lawrence, Iraq," 4/06/09 49 News: ABC Topeka

K-State, "Kansas Environmental Leadership Program Receives KACEE Award," 4/06/09 High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal

Marketing, David Andrus, "AVMA Warns of Continued Veterinary Shortages," 4/06/09 The Poultry Site

Student life, Pat Bosco, "School Eyes Recession, Scholarships," 4/05/09 Topeka Capital Journal

"Law Firm Announces Two New partners," 4/5/09 Manhattan Mercury

Veterinary medicine, Chris Stephens, "Area Business News Briefs," 4/5/09 Manhattan Mercury

Aviation, Kurt Barnhart, "KSU Salina's Aerial Systems Capability Growing," 4/5/06 Manhattan Mercury

Leadership studies, "Students Participate in Spring Break Projects," 4/5/09 Manhattan Mercury

Student, Mckenna Hall, "Little Apple Bookworms," 4/5/09 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Cloud County To Have Annual Scholarship Auction," 4/05/09 Salina Journal

K-State, "Cultural Wisdom," 4/05/09 Salina Journal

Agricultural economics, Mike Woolverton, "Ethanol Benefits Debated,"4/05/09 Topeka Capital-Journal

English, Phillip Nel, "Local History Calendar," 4/4/09

Student, Colby Weddle, "Urban Gobblers," 4/4/09 Topeka Capital-Journal

Student, Nicole Wayant, "ASPRS Announces Five Awards," 4/03/09

K-State, "Papaya Pleasure," 4/03/09

K-State, "April Showers Bring…Mud," 4/03/09

Education and personal development, Carla Jones, students, Shannon Wilson and Hanna Kemble, "Dickinson County Students Join Silver Key at K-State," 4/03/09 Abilene Reflector-Chronicle

Alumnus, Keith Roehr, "Roehr Named Colorado State Veterinarian," 4/03/09 The Fence Post

Aviation, Kurt Barnhart, "KSU Salina's Unmanned Aerial Systems Capability Growing," 4/3/09 KSAL News

Leadership studies, "K-State Students Participate in Alternative Spring Break Projects Through The School of Leadership Studies," 4/03/09 TMC News

Plant pathology, Adam Bogdanove, Frank White, "Researches Examine Bacterial Rice Diseases, Search For Genetic Solutions," 4/3/09 Iowa AG Connection

Diversity Summit, "Proud Tradition," 4/03/09 Salina Journal

Aviation, Raylene Alexander, "Aviation Expert John Goglia To Lecture at K-State Salina," 4/03/09

K-State, "Travel and Dining Auction," 4/03/09 Manhattan Mercury

Alumnus, G.P "Bud" Peterson, "Tech Prez Will Maintain Momentum," 4/03/09 South Florida Business Journal

Wind Applications Center, Ruth Douglas Miller, "Wind Turbine Techs in Demand," 4/03/09 Topeka Capital Journal, Belleville News-Democrat, Inform

K-State, "Letter: McCaskill Right To Support Country of Origin Labeling," 4/02/09 Columbia Missourian

Electrical and computer engineering, Bill Kuhn, student, Xiaohu Zhang, "Energy Harvesting Without Batteries," 4/02/09 TMC Net

Diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, Kyeong-Ok Chang, M.M Chengappa, "Grant Awarded To KSU Scientist," 4/02/09 Manhattan Mercury

College of Veterinary Medicine, "Saline Co. Loses Police Dog 'Rory' to Pneumonia," 4/2/09 Kearney KHGI-NTV, KWCH-TV CBS 12 Wichita, Pittsburg KOAM, Salina Journal, Topeka Capital-Journal

Union Program Council, "Ben Folds at KSU April 8th," 4/02/09 Manhattan Free Press

Agricultural economics, David Lambert, agriculture, Fred Cholick, "David Lambert To Lead K-State's Dept. of Agricultural Economics," 4/02/09 Manhattan Free Press

Technology and aviation, Leslie Hannah, "Summit To Host 1st Female Cherokee Chief," 4/02/09 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Convention To Focus on Kansas Ecodusting," 4/02/09 Manhattan Mercury

Special education counseling and student affairs, Susan Dillinger, secondary education, Jeong-Hee Kim, "Two Education Professors Given Honors," 4/02/09 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "'Bucket List' Overflowing With Memories," 4/02/09 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "KS Universities Prepare for Budget Blow," 4/2/09 KSNW/KSNC/KSNG/KSNW/KSNT, KMAN-AM, KMOV-TV CBS 4 St Louis

K-State, "A Sneak Peek at a Movie? An Egg Hunt? Must Be The Weekend," 4/02/09 Manhattan Mercury

Alumnus, Rand Berney, "ConocoPhillips Announces Executive Changes For B'ville," 4/02/09 Examiner-Enterprise

K-State Innovation Campus, "Triangle Tax Starts April 01," 4/1/09

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