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K-State Student Union

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This diverse facility houses theaters; an art gallery; a bookstore and computer store; restaurants and cafes; a bowling alley; hair salon; Student Government Association offices; Greek Affairs; computer lab; copy center; conference and ballrooms; a bank; the student ID center; and the studio for student-run radio station Wildcat 91.9. This building is the social hub for student and faculty and operates with the income it produces plus student fees. A student governing board assists the director in forming policy decisions.

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With an estimated 17,000 visitors per day, the K-State Student Union has long been an integral part of the campus social scene. The Union Program Council organizes hundreds of social and educational events each year, including recently released movies for $2 or less.

The original student union opened in 1956 after students voted almost two decades earlier to pay $5 per semester to cover construction costs. Students again voted in 1995 to pay $11.4 million for a five-year project including building renovation and expansion. The project also involved construction of the adjacent Bosco Student Plaza, named in honor of Pat Bosco, vice president for student life/dean of students.