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Lipids analyzed

The list below represents molecular species that we routinely detect and quantify.  If you are interested in analysis of other types of lipids, please contact us, as other analyses are under development.Nomenclature is total acyl carbons: total double bonds.  We can identify individual acyl species if necessary, but it is not a routine part of our analyses. 

Plant polar lipids

The list below represents the 144 lipid molecular species that we can detect
and quantify, based on data from Arabidopsis leaves and cotton fibers

List of plant lipid species analyzed

*not part of routine analysis



Yeast polar lipids


Below are the yeast lipid species that we are prepared to quantify if/when they occur in yeast samples.  Of these 136 species, 42 overlap with the list for plants, and 94 are unique.

Image of yeast lipid species analyzed

Animal polar lipid species


Below are the animal lipid species that we are prepared to quantify if/when they occur in animal samples.  It should be noted that the identifications are by (1) the ability to produce a fragment characteristic of the phospholipid head group and (2) the mass.  While these criteria provide clear identification of most species, there is some potential ambiguity with some of the highly unsaturated compounds;  a highly unsaturated diacyl compound may share a mass with an ether lipid, for example.  In the data that we assemble, we try to indicate where these ambiguities are.  While we are currently able to offer these analyses, we are also working to improve them.

Image of animal lipid species analyzed


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