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Lipid Signaling /Lipidomics group



The Lipid Signaling/Lipidomics Group consists of scientists who are investigating the roles of plant lipids and lipid signaling enzymes and their genes.    Lipid Signaling/Lipidomic Group scientists include Xuemin “Sam” Wang of the University of Missouri at St. Louis and the Danforth Plant Science Center, who studies the signaling and degradative roles of phospholipases in plant stress responses, Jyoti Shah of Kansas State University, who studies lipid metabolic (and other) enzymes involved in plant defense responses, and Ruth Welti, also of Kansas State, who is developing and coordinating mass spectrometry-based lipid profiling for the Group.

Along with other researchers at Kansas State University and the University of Kansas, researchers from the Lipid Signaling/Lipidomics Group have established the Kansas Lipidomics Research Center at Kansas State University.


Image of Shah group members
Image of Wang group
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Postdoctoral Scholars

Lab Manager and Research Specialists

  • Mary Roth (manager)
  • Pamela Tamura
Graduate Students


Undergraduate Students

  • Astyn Miller
  • Nicole Delimont
  • Ariel Burns
  • Devon Claycamp

Lab Assistants

  • Tara McConkey
  • Jeff Markay

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