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Fall 2014 LEAD 212 Class Leaders

Katie Ahern

Brady Armstrong

Garrett Arner

Nathan Bahnmaier

Shana Baker

Allyssa Barrios

Adriane Barry

Tyler Bedell

Brooke Bengel

Chance Berndt

Alex Booth

Bailie Bridges

Joshua Cox

Molly DeBusk

Carly Dickter

Kristen Doberer

Allison Dulac

Taylor Fagan

Kylie Fairman

Sidney Flinn

Cain Fouard

Britli Fuller

Shandell Gallardo

Kaitlyn Goddard

Maggie Griffith

Mason Grittman

Andrew Haar

Mary Harness

Russell Harp

Victoria Harshaw

Lauren Hartzell

Allison Harwood

Colby Haverkamp

Ryan Haxton

Mark Hay

Nicholas Hermann

Riley Holmes

Stephanie Hughes

Jakob Hutter

CJ Kadel

Cajsa Larson

Michael Lee

Emily Lehman

Landon Leiker

Alexis Lundy

Mackenzie Lutz

Alison Martin

Allan McFarland

Katelyn Meek

Mackenzie Mense

Mackenzie Mong

Katie Noll

Lacee Oliver

Lizzi Petite

Eden Randolph

Nicholas Rohrbaugh

Emily Ruder

Andrew Ryan

Hunter Sherretts

Kaylee Smith

Sara Smith

Autumn Snesrud

Kylie Sturgis

Jill Teeter

Sarah Truman

McKenzie Veselic

Magen Witcher

Grace Works

































LEAD 212 Class Leaders

LEAD 212 Class Leaders are students who help teach the large lecture sections of LEAD 212 - Introduction to Leadership Concepts. LEAD 212 Class Leaders are asked to facilitate small group discussions, lead active-learning exercises, create a learning community with their students and perform administrative functions (such as grading, attendance, etc). These students serve as a bridge between students and instructors - they are motivated to help first semester freshmen learn the academic discipline of leadership and adjust to the K-State campus community.

Applications for 212 Class Leaders are currently not being accepted.



The minimum qualifications for LEAD 212 Class Leaders are:

  • Good academic (minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA) and disciplinary standing.
  • Will be in at least their third year of college by Fall 2015 (based on years in college, not credit hours).
  • Understand and believe in the mission of the School of Leadership Studies.
  • Have previously taken a LEAD 212 or equivalent introduction to leadership course; and have taken/currently enrolled in LEAD 350.
  • Exhibit responsibility, positive attitude, confidence, flexibility, team orientation, high energy level, and strong communication skills.
  • Relate well with students and faculty.
  • Able to give and receive constructive feedback.
  • Demonstrate a desire to learn about leadership.
  • Demonstrate willingness to develop self-awareness and teamwork, planning, and facilitation skills.
  • Available for 4 training seminars in the spring (2 hours per session), serving with the Flint Hills Breadbasket (approximately 2 hours), individual summer prep work (approximately 8-10 hours), Fall Retreat (approximately 8 hours).  
  • Able to commit 8-10 hours per week Fall 2015 for class time, class prep, grading, and individual meetings, etc.

For questions about LEAD 212 Class Leaders, please contact:

Tamara Bauer