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spirit of leadership 2014

2016 Spirit of Leadership

This fall, the Staley School of Leadership Studies celebrated "Leading Change" at its annual alumni and friends gathering, the Spirit of Leadership. Following the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders hosted on our campus this summer, we celebrated the leadership occurring both locally and globally. The biggest recognition of the evening went to the recipients of the Michael C. Holen Leader-in-Residence Award, Shante J. Moore and Silvia Diaz de Moore. Named in honor of former dean Holen, this award recognizes outstanding individuals who are exercising leadership in a range of organizational, professional and civic settings.

Check out this video to see work from the 2016 Civic Leadership Institute for the Mandela Washington Fellowship, and learn about the Staley School's approach to "Leading Change:"

Michael C. Holen Leader-in-Residence Award

During the program each year we recognize the Michael C. Holen Leader-in-Residence. The Leader-in-Residence Award honors outstanding individuals who are exercising leadership in a range of organizational, professional, and civic settings. 

Past award recipients

2016 - Shante & Silvia Moore

2015 - Kevin Lockett

2014 - Mary Jo Myers

2013 - Nabeeha Kazi-Hutchins

2012 - Paul Maina

2011 - Warren and Mary Lynn Staley


Check out photos from past events:

Photos from 2016 Spirit of Leadership

Photos from 2015 Spirit of Leadership

Photos from 2014 Spirit of Leadership

Photos from 2013 Spirit of Leadership

Photos from 2012 Spirit of Leadership

Photos from 2011 Spirit of Leadership

Why come back?


Check out what these grads from 2012 have to say!

"The Spirit of Leadership is the one time each year that I get to reconnect with mentors and peers who are making their mark on our world. I always come away with fresh ideas, inspiration, and lots of laughs." –Shawna Peters


"Coming back for the Spirit of Leadership allows us to not only re-connect with friends and network with colleagues, but to recharge our motivations through the inspiration of our peers" -Michael Ellis


"I go back because SLSS was foundational in my current success. Spirit of Leadership is like a family reunion. I go back to thank my moms and to meet my cousins. I will always give back to my family." -Ariel Anib

why come back?why come back 2?

Check out our video on the value of continued connection to the Staley School:

Staley School of Leadership Studies: Spirit of Leadership from KSU Foundation on Vimeo.