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Announcing the 2018 James R. Coffman Leadership Institute: Empowered Individuals, Enhanced Institutions

Kansas State University | August 8-10, 2018

Kansas State University proudly presents the 2018 James R. Coffman Leadership Institute. This two and a half day institute will offer faculty and unclassified staff a unique opportunity to refresh and enhance their leadership skills and knowledge. The Coffman Institute serves as a launching point for continuous leadership development, professional networking, and empowerment of Kansas State University professionals.

 Purpose of the Institute

The three primary objectives of this institute are:

1. Provide opportunity for participants to refresh and develop their leadership skills in a safe yet
    challenging learning environment.

2. Provide an opportunity for networking and interdisciplinary cooperation for faculty and staff.

3. Infuse Kansas State University with more empowered faculty and staff leaders.

 Building relationships:

An essential key for leadership success in any organization is the ability to build good relationships with members of the organization. Institute participants will have the opportunity to explore and initiate collaborative projects and discuss leadership issues. They will also have the chance to strengthen current relationships and to build new ones with other professionals at Kansas State University.

Recognizing your leadership style:

The James R. Coffman Leadership Institute is based on the philosophy that every individual can be a successful leader. This success depends on learning leadership skills as well as recognition of one’s leadership style. Further refining of one’s leadership style, understanding its associated strengths and challenges as well as its impact on decision-making, conflict resolution, and problem-solving preferences will be a major focus of the institute.

Institute format:

The James R. Coffman Leadership Institute is a two and a half day experience with some evening sessions. Learning activities are arranged to maximize participant learning and engage all learning styles. Topics may include: inclusive leadership, conflict resolution, change management, leadership style assessment, shared leadership, and team building. Formats: workshops, panel discussions, small and large group activities, small group discussions, multimedia presentations, case studies, and self-assessments.

What to expect:

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in a focused and in-depth adult learning experience aimed at leadership development. They will be offered knowledge and skill-based learning modules to engage them cognitively as well as behaviorally. Attendees will also have the opportunity to interact with other professionals who want to make a difference at Kansas State University. Conference activities will take place at K-State’s Manhattan campus and in the local Manhattan community. As a feature of the retreat, participants will get to experience and interact with different parts of the campus and community.

Participate in the 2018 James R. Coffman Leadership Institute

Over 90% of past participants reported that workshops were extremely effective-to-effective.

  • “My biggest takeaway from the institute was not learning new leadership concepts or skills but rather an increased awareness about leading on purpose and with purpose.”
  • “The institute has equipped me with knowledge about my strengths which will be helpful in collaborating with others on research projects and project proposal, and leading my research them. My goal is harnessing my strengths to improve my research program.”
  • “My expectations were pretty high, and you managed to surpass them.”
  • “Both the community building and leadership goals were definitely met.”
  • “Very effective…well organized, meaningful sessions and activities.”

How to apply:

Contact deadline: Friday, March 2, 2018

Contact your dean, director or department head if you are interested in participating. Their

nomination will serve as your application.

Nomination deadline: Friday, March 16, 2018

Deans, directors, and department heads submit email nominations to the School of Leadership
Studies, leadership@ksu.edu, Attn: Coffman Leadership Institute.  Questions can be directed to Trisha Gott, tcgott@ksu.edu.  

Email should include name, title, department, and email address of the individual(s) you wish to nominate.

Applicants should meet the following criteria:

1)    Interested participant has submitted his or her name to your office for nomination to this institute.

2)    Nominee is available to attend the institute in its entirety.

3)    Nominee should be willing and able to share their learning with department and colleagues.

4)    Nominee is in good standing with the department.

5)    You may re-nominate individuals who did not receive an invitation to participate in previous James R. Coffman Leadership Institutes.

6)    Please do not nominate individuals who have previously attended a James R. Coffman Leadership Institute.

Additional information:
For additional information please contact Trisha Gott, School of Leadership Studies at tcgott@ksu.edu or Shanna Legleiter with Human Capital Services at legleiters@ksu.edu.


Campus Planning Committee:

Trisha Gott, School of Leadership Studies

Shanna Legleiter, Human Capital Services

Mary Tolar, School of Leadership Studies


Institute Evaluation Results:

Over 90% of past participants reported that workshops were extremely effective to effective:


“My expectations were pretty high, and you managed to surpass them.”




"Overall, the Institute helped to refocus me on my work and why I am at K-State. I plan to use a renewed focus and energy in my work."




“Very effective... well organized, meaningful sessions and activities.”




Throughout the institute I was taking notes, writing down wisdom and things to remember from the presenters and panelists. I've taken three of those nuggets of information and am trying to incorporate them into how I interact with others both personally and professionally. Overall, I think it was really a long opportunity for reflection and meditation on myself and my skills, and how I choose to use incorporate those skills into the environment that I want to foster.” 




The Coffman Leadership Institute was a great opportunity to be away from the office and focus on how to better myself, other people, and the university. I am still in contact with many of my fellow classmates who I would not have normally contacted or worked with prior to attending the Institute.

–Kelli Cox, Planning and Analysis





The Coffman Leadership Institute is a great way to learn about your personal leadership abilities. It's also a lot of fun. You get to know people from all over the university and beyond.

–Susan Wolf Berhow, K-State Foundation




For me the best thing about the Coffman Leadership Institute was that it led me to thoughtfully consider my leadership strengths and weaknesses and just what kind of leader I want to be. It is rare that one can find time to do that in the course of completing their everyday job responsibilities.”

–Kevin Gwinner, Department of Marketing





I felt quite fortunate to be able to participate in this very informative Institute and to experience first-hand the commitment the University has made to insure it has empowered and informed leadership at all levels of management.

–Paul Lowe, Provost Office




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