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September 4, Labor Day
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December 18 - January 5, Winter Break


The James R. Coffman Leadership Institute is a three-day, in-residence leadership development experience for Kansas State faculty and professional staff. We are excited to announce the next Coffman Leadership Institute will take place Wednesday, August 8, 2018 through Friday, August 10, 2018. 

Since our inaugural institute in 2004, the campus-wide planning committee with the support of our sponsors has provided opportunities for:

  • refreshing and developing leadership skills in a safe yet challenging environment
  • networking while experiencing interdisciplinary cooperation for faculty and staff
  • infusing Kansas State with more empowered faculty and staff leaders.

Participants have the opportunity to engage in-depth adult learning experience aimed at leadership development. They're offered knowledge and skill-based learning modules that engage them cognitively as well as behaviorally.

Workshop sessions include

  • inclusive leadership
  • conflict resolution
  • leadership style assessment
  • change management
  • team building

Participants have the opportunity to interact with other Kansas State professionals who are working to make a difference on campus. 

The Coffman Leadership Institute is sponsored by the Provost, Vice President for Administration and Finance, the Vice President for Student Life and the Staley School of Leadership Studies.

There is no fee for participants. 

How to apply: Contact deadline: TBA, look for more information in the spring of 2018

Contact your dean, director or department head if you are interested in participating. Their nomination will serve as your application.

Nomination deadline: TBA, look for more information in the spring of 2018

Deans, directors, and department heads submit email nominations to the School of Leadership Studies, leadership@ksu.edu, Attn: Coffman Leadership Institute.  Questions can be directed to Trisha Gott, tcgott@ksu.edu or Shanna Legleiter with Human Capital Services, legleiters@ksu.edu

Email should include name, title, department, and email address of the individual(s) you wish to nominate.

               Applicants should meet the following criteria:

1)      Interested participant has submitted his or her name to your office for nomination to this institute.

2)      Nominee is available to attend the institute in its entirety including overnight stays.

3)      Nominee should be willing and able to share their learning with department and colleagues.

4)      Nominee is in good standing with the department.

5)      You may re-nominate individuals who did not receive an invitation to participate in previous James R. Coffman leadership Institutes.

6)      Please do not nominate individuals who have previously attended a James R. Coffman Leadership Institute.

Institute Evaluation Results:

Over 90% of past participants reported that workshops were extremely effective to effective:


“My expectations were pretty high, and you managed to surpass them.”




“The learning experience was fabulous!”




“Very effective... well organized, meaningful sessions and activities.”




“I found it inspiring on many levels.” 




The Coffman Leadership Institute was a great opportunity to be away from the office and focus on how to better myself, other people, and the university. I am still in contact with many of my fellow classmates who I would not have normally contacted or worked with prior to attending the Institute.

–Kelli Cox, Planning and Analysis





The Coffman Leadership Institute is a great way to learn about your personal leadership abilities. It's also a lot of fun. You get to know people from all over the university and beyond.

–Susan Wolf Berhow, K-State Foundation




For me the best thing about the Coffman Leadership Institute was that it led me to thoughtfully consider my leadership strengths and weaknesses and just what kind of leader I want to be. It is rare that one can find time to do that in the course of completing their everyday job responsibilities.”

–Kevin Gwinner, Department of Marketing





I felt quite fortunate to be able to participate in this very informative Institute and to experience first-hand the commitment the University has made to insure it has empowered and informed leadership at all levels of management.

–Paul Lowe, Provost Office




Past Participants:

Aaron Carlstrom
Abe Fattaey
Adrienne Leslie-Toogood
Alison Wheatley
Alma Deutsch
Alok Bhandari
Amanda Gnadt
Amgad Saleh
Amy Hilgendorf
Amy Rosine Underwood
Amy Sellers
Andrea Blair
Andrea Bryant Gladin
Andrew Todd Smith
Andy Wefald
Angélique Courbou
Anita Leitz Kesler
Anne Stearns
Anthony Cobb
Anthony Phillips
Barbara Anderson
Barbara Pearson
Be Stoney
Becky Miller
Ben Kohl
Benjamin Stark
Bente Janda
Bernard King
Beth Bohn
Bill Tipton
Blythe Marlow
Bob Burgess
Bradford Wiles
Brandon Haddock
Brian Lubbers
Brian McCornack
Briana Goff
Bruce Chladny
Bryan Vandivere
Bryan Vandiviere
Caitlin Kelley
Camilla Jones
Candice Shoemaker
Carla Bishop
Caroline Jones
Caroline Tushabe
Cassie Brown
Cathie Lavis
Cathy Rodriguez
Char Shropshire
Charlene Brownson
Cheryl Grice
Chihyung Ok
Chris Feit
Chris Onstad
Cindy Hollingsworth
Clyde Howard
Colby Murphy
Courtney Bowman
Curtis Kastner
Dale Askey
Dale Fjell
Dale Revett
Dana Reinert
Daniel Hunt
Danielle Brown
Darchelle Martin
Darci Bohnenblust
Darwin Abbott
Daryl Burchholz
Dave Gronquist
David Griffin
David Sachs
Dawne Martin
Deborah Kohl
Deborah Meyer
Debra Ring
Debra Wood
DeeAnna Fugate
Denis Medeiros
Denise Poindexter
Diana McElwain
Diane Potts
Don Gruenbacher
Don Von Bergen
Donald Hogg
Donald Stubbings
Donalyn Rhodes
Donna Ekart
Donna Schenck-Hamlin
Dorith Rotenberg
Dorothy Doan
Dottie Evans
Doug Elcock
E. Suzanne Hubele
Ed Heptig
Elaine Johannes
Elizabeth Davis
Emily Lehning
Eric Dover
Erick DeWolf
Erinn Barcomb-Peterson
Ernie Perez
Esther Swilley
Fred Burrack
Fred Darkow
Gamage Dissanayake
Gary Clark
Gayla Adams-Wright
Gayle Spencer
Geneva Jahnke
Gerad Middendorf
Gina Lowe
Gina Nixon
Greg Grauer
Greg Stephens
Gunile DeVault
Hani Melhem
Harish Maringanti
Heather Reed
Helene Marcoux
Holly Pischney
Hulya Dogan
Jack Carlson
Jacqueline Gatson
Jacqueline Walsh
James Roush
Jamie Hancock
Janelle Corkill
Janice Dinkel
Janice Nikkel
Janis Galitzer
Jason Coleman
Jason Maseberg-Tomlinson
Jason Reed
Jayna Elsasser
Jeff Camino
Jeff Wolfe
Jennifer Gehrt
Jennifer Pfortmiller
Jessica Elmore
Jessica Heier Stamm
Jim Bach
Jim Mock
Jim Rigg
Joe Younger
Joel Anderson
Joelle Pitts
John Hanes
John Jaeger
Johnathan Holman
JohnElla Holmes
Jolene Goodheart Peterson
Joy Kozar
Joyce Yagerline
Juanita McGowan
Judith Collins
Judy Anderson
Judy Provo-Klimek
Julia Keen
Julie Henton
Julie Pentz
Junehee' Kwon
Jung Oh
Karen Low
Karen Pence
Karla Bylund
Karli Stukenberg
Katie Mayes
Katie Small
Kayla Oney Savage
Keith Powers
Kelline Cox
Kelly Getty
Kelly Law
Kelly Moon
Kelly Sartorius
Ken Hughey
Kevin Cook
Kevin Donnelly
Kevin Gwinner
Kiley Moody
Kimberly Douglas
Kimetris Baltrip
Kristi Northcutt
Kristine Young
Kurt Barnhart
Kurt Gartner
LaToya Farris
Lea Studer
Leo Lo
Levi Esses
Linda Cook
Lisa Harrington
Lisa Last
Loleta Sump
Loren Wilson
Lorraine Cutler
Lucy Crowell
Lynda Bachelor
Lynn Brickley
Lynn Waugh
Madai Rivera
Mandi Schmidt-McKinley
Mandy Cole
Marci Ritter
Marcia Hornung
Marie Steichen
Mark Edwards
Mark Taussig
Mark Weiss
Marlon Johnston
Mary Anne Andrews
Mary Ellen Barkley
Mary Hubbard
Mary Lou Molt
Mary Pyle
Mary Radnor
Mary Sue Moore
Mary Tolar
Maryanne Collinson
Melanie Horton
Melinda Markham
Melinda Wilkerson
Melody LeHew
Memory Buffington
Michelle Hall
Michelle Haupt
Michelle Langvardt
Michelle White-Godinet
Mike Finnegan
Mike Haddock
Mike Harders
Mithila Jugulam
Mitzi Richards
Mohan Ramaswamy
Morgan Campbell
Morgan Powell
Naho Nagai
Nancy Baker
Nancy Hardy
Nancy Muturi
Natalie Beharry
Nathan Beemer
Neal Hubbell
Ned Gatewood
Neil Erdwein
Nick Lander
Noel Schulz
Nora Bello
Oscar Ruiz
Pam Wilkie
Pat Hudgins
Pat McNally
Patricia Ackerman
Patricia Marsh
Paul Lowe
Paula Peters
Pete Paukstelis
Puneet Gupta
Rachel Bouza
Ramasamy Perumal
Ray Buyle
Ray Yunk
Rebecca Armstrong
Rebecca Paz
Rebecca Wood
Renee Gates
Richard Goe
Rob Aiken
Rob Satterlee
Rob Wirtz
Robert Auten
Robert Nelson
Robert Peterman
Robert Stokes
Robert Szoszkiewicz
Robert Wilson
Ron Jackson
Ronald Koester
Royce Gilbert
Salvador Oropesa
Sandra Hoffman
Sarah Riforgiate
Satid Alavi
Scott Jones
Scott McElwain
Scott Schlender
Scott Velasquez
Shana Meyer
Shane Shanks
Shanna Legleiter
Sharon Breiner
Sharon Morrow
Shawna Jordan
Shay Dodson
Sherrie Howell
Siny Joseph
Sonia Topliff
Stacey Bailey
Stacey Warner
Stacy McFarland
Stephanie Harvey
Steve Galitzer
Steve Logback
Steve Starrett
Steve Warren
Stuart Warren
Sue Williams
Sunanda Dissanayake
Susan Arnold-Christian
Susan Berhow
Susan Cooper
Susan Haug
Susan Jagerson
Susana Valdovinos
Suzanne Lueker
Suzy Auten
Tamara Bauer
Terin Walters
Todd Wells
Tom Herald
Tom Karcz
Tom Vontz
Tonya Wessel
Toynia Smith
Tresa Landis
Troy Harding
Troy Lane
Vernon Turner
Waldo Berry
Wayne Goins
Wei Wu
X. Susan Sun
Xiaoyan Tang
Zelia Wiley


Contact the Institute Director:
Trisha C. Gott
Staley School of Leadership Studies
(785) 532-6504