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Student Health Advisory Committee

Student Health Advisory Committee
Lafene Health Center
Kansas State University
1105 Sunset Avenue
Manhattan, KS 66502-3761

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SHAC Subcommittees

Public Relations

The Public Relations Subcommittee is primarily concerned with promoting on-campus health care and distributing information about Lafene Health Center and Counseling Services. Their activities include:

  • maintaining a positive public relations program
  • evaluating client satisfaction and making recommendations to the Directors
  • monitoring suggestion boxes and assisting with responses
  • distributing information to campus groups and students regarding SHAC services and activities
  • serving as a liaison to the Collegian and other media

WellCat Ambassadors

The WellCat Ambassadors subcommittee will consist of those members who are interested in dedicating most of their time in SHAC educating students on preventative efforts such as physical activity, eating healthy, stress and time management, and reducing risky behaviors.  These members will assist with the following:

  • presenting health information to student groups
  • planning special health related events for students on campus
  • providing research based educational material to students
  • collaborating with other organizations on campus such as the REC and Counseling Services to help deliver information to students