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Student Health Advisory Committee

Student Health Advisory Committee
Lafene Health Center
Kansas State University
1105 Sunset Avenue
Manhattan, KS 66502-3761

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Bylaws & Regulations




Section 1.

The name shall be the Student Health Advisory Committee


Section 1.

Adequate health care should be provided for the students of Kansas State University during their enrollment at the university.  The purpose of the Committee is:

a.  to advise the Student Health Center Director about the student health care needs and assist the Director in setting priorities that have the interest of the students in mind

b.  to support the staff of the Student Health Center in their development of adequate health services for the fee-paying clientele

e.  to promote health care and the services offered by the Student Health Center

f.   to communicate and cooperate with the Student Governing Association regarding issues of campus health care.

g.  aid students in making healthy decisions in order to be successful while in college and after they graduate from Kansas State University.


Section 1.

The Student Health Advisory Committee shall consist of at least 6 members with a maximum of 16 members.  All Kansas State University students are eligible to apply for committee membership.  Each elected board member will serve a term equivalent to one (1) academic year.  Terms of office are from August through July.

a.  president

b.  vice-president

c.  secretary

d.  event planning coordinator

e.  marketing coordinator

f.  tabling coordinator

Section 2.

Additional non-office holding members will include:

a.  the Director of the Student Health Center

b.  representative from the Health Promotion Department.


Section 3.

The expected duties of each committee member are to:

a.  serve a term of office for 2 consecutive semesters.

b.  attend all K-State SHAC meetings, with a maximum absence of 2 meetings per semester.

c.  provide a positive image for K-State SHAC and Lafene Health Center.

d.  promote K-State SHAC and the Health Center individually.

e.  be prompt and prepared for each meeting, having read through the minutes from the previous meeting.

f.  assist with at least 2 tabling events per semester.

g.  attend any trainings throughout the year.

h.  be knowledgeable of HD and Lafene websites, Lafene services and the mission of SHAC.


Section 4.

Student committee members shall fill the following offices with their accompanying responsibilities:

a.  President

    1. organize and conduct meetings with prepared agenda
    2. appoint officers (no election process)
    3. act as the Committee’s liaison to Health Center staff, the Student Body President, SGA, and University Administrators
    4. organize information and coordination among SHAC members
    5. be informed about relevant activities of the American College Health Association
    6. regularly attend sub-committee meetings
    7. organize the membership selection committee and chair the selection process
    8. fulfill any unforeseen duties pertaining to the Committee

b.  Vice President

    1. organize and conduct meetings when President is absent
    2. responsible for “resource spotlight” at one meeting per month (helps to inform Committee about different resources at K-State)
      • coordinate and bring in a representative from a student service to give a short 5 to 15 minute presentation and/or facilitate an activity.
    3. email President the plan for “resource spotlight” at least 4 days before the meeting to be put on the agenda

c.  Secretary

    1. take meeting minutes along with attendance
    2. email the meeting reminder, with agenda attached, to members at least 2 days before meeting
    3. email minutes immediately after meeting to President for approval, with attendance printed at the top
    4. once approved by the President, send minutes to members of the committee, including the Director of Lafene, the faculty member, and the staff member from the Health Promotion Department

d.  Event Planning Coordinator

    1. plan Wildcat Wellness Wednesdays (3-4 per semester)
    2. organize Fall and Spring Activities Carnivals and REC Fest
    3. work with UPC for finals “de-stressor” activity
    4. help to organize the annual Lafene Health Fair
    5. outreach to other groups on campus
    6. schedule weekly meeting with event planning committee as needed
    7. collaborate with tabling coordinator
    8. notify marketing chair of advertising needs at least 2 weeks before event

e.  Marketing Coordinator

    1. advertise events including developing displays, creating ads for the collegian, creating flyers, chalking, etc.
    2. maintain flyers and informational materials for tables
    3. contact community organizations and businesses to request in-kind donations (such as gift certificates) for any events
    4. update display board at least once per semester
      • display board should have information specific to the event(s) along with general information
    5. utilize Facebook or other modes of communication to market events and services
    6. book or other modes of communication to market events and services

f.  Tabling Coordinator

    1. organize all tabling efforts, to include requesting a table and coordinating accurate number of members to cover the scheduled event
    2. communicate with other organizations and services to invite them to have an informational table at events presented by SHAC.


Section 1.

The primary requirement for membership on the Committee is a high level of interest in the effectiveness of student health services.  Only those who are concerned about students receiving information about resources available to them and adequate health care should be involved with the Committee.

Section 2.

Applications may be accepted throughout the year.


Section 1. 

These bylaws shall be reviewed by the committee at least annually.


Section 2.

Amendments or changes to these bylaws shall be presented at a meeting of the committee and voted on at the next meeting of the committee.  They must be passed by a majority vote of the committee.


Section 3.

Each member of the committee shall be given a copy of the current bylaws.


Section 4.

A current copy of the bylaws shall be given annually to the Director of the Student Health Center, the Student Body President, and the Student Senate Chairperson.


Section 5.

Any policy not covered in these bylaws shall be superseded by the constitution of the K-State Student Governing Association.



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