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Viewing & Printing your Class Schedule

  1. From the KSIS Home Page, to the right, in the KSIS Links box, click My Class Schedule.

    Picture of the KSIS Links box, the My Class Schedule link is highlighted.

  2. Select the desired term and then click the Continue button.

    Picture of the Select Term page.

  3. You can view your class schedule in the List View (default) or the Weekly Calendar View

    Image of Class Schedule list view

    • The List View of your class schedule will include all classes that have been enrolled, waitlisted, or dropped for the selected term.
    • The Weekly Calendar View of your class schedule can be modified to exclude specific days of the week, to add or remove information about each class (instructor, location, class title, etc.) and to change other details about the view. Click the check box next to each option you want or click the check mark next to options you want to remove and then click the Refresh Calendar button.

      Image of Weekly Calendar View

  4. In either list or weekly view, click the Printer friendly version.

     Image of Weekly Calendar View Display Options

  5. To print, click the Print button at the top of the page. 

    Print button

    NOTE: Do not use your browser's print functionality. This will cause the page to print incorrectly, in most cases.
  6. In the Print window, click OK.