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Filing for SGA Elections

File Now in KSIS

 Students can now file for Student Government Elections by logging into KSIS. The change to KSIS was made to make the process quicker and easier for students who want to file.  See SGA Elections Deadlines to see the deadline for filing.

If you have any questions about the filing process or the SGA elections please call the Office of Student Activities and Services at 785-532-6541 or email us at osas@ksu.edu.

  • To file, click on the link above, or log in to https://ksis.k-state.edu/.
  • On the left side navigation choose Self Service >> Student Government Elections >> Elections Filing Form.

1. Confirm your Academic Information

The top of the form lists your academic majors.  You will only be allowed to file for Student Senate in the college of your primary major as indicated by the checkbox.

Below the majors, your GPA and Hours are listed.  Please verify that you meet the requirements for the offices you are wanting to run for.

If you have any question about your academic information please contact the Registrar's Office or the Office of Student Activities and Services at 785-532-6541.

Confirm Your Academic Information

2. Specify how your name will appear on the ballot

You may choose how your name will appear on the ballot.  At a minimum you must at least include your legal last name. Be sure to use a name that will make you recognizable to other students.

Specify how your name will appear on the ballot

3. Choose which office(s) you want to file for. 

Choose which offices you want to file for

There are five types of offices that you can file for. For each office that you want to file for select that option.

  1. Student Body President and Vice President is available to all students. You must include the name of your running mate.
  2. Board of Directors, Student Publications.
  3. Union Governing Board.
  4. Student Senate. You may run for Student Senate from the college of your primary degree.  You can confirm your primary degree in the info at the top of the form.
  5. College Council. Students can file for the council of a college if they have a major in that college.  Agriculture, Arts & Sciences, and Human Ecology are the only colleges electing council positions this year.