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Order Athletic Tickets in KSIS

  1. From the KSIS Home Page, to the left, in the Menu box, click the arrow next to Self Service.  Then click the arrow next to Marketplace.

    :  If you click directly on the words Self Service or Marketplace, you will be taken to a full page of selections that are the same but presented visually in a different manner.

    In the left menu, click Self Service and Marketplace

  2. Under Marketplace, click Athletic Tickets.

    Click Athletic Tickets

  3. The process to purchase athletic tickets has three steps.  First, select the ticket package, then click Continue.

    Select the desired ticket package

    Click the continue button

  4. Step two is verify your order.  Click I Accept to continue, otherwise click Cancel.

    Picture of Step 2 Verify Ticket Purchase

  5. Step three is an option to sign up for the K-State Student Mobile Network, a service that will send text messages from K-State Athletics to your cell phone.  To receive text messages, enter your Cell Phone Number and click Accept, otherwise click I Decline.

    Picture of step 3 for ticket purchases - Accept or Decline Text Messages

  6. The Athletic Season Access Card Ordering Confirmation page will appear with general information and warnings about use and possible revocation of the card.  

     Order Confirmation page
    Guidelines and Warning concerning athletic season ticket card use.