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Run a report

This procedure outlines steps required to run a report in KSIS.  Some steps depend on the specific report.  Before you can run a report, you need to have appropriate security to access the report and its' data.

  1. Navigate to the desired report in KSIS.  The example below demonstrates running the Print Class Schedule report found at:

    Curriculum > Schedule of Classes > Print Class Schedule

    Picture of the Print Class Schedule Screen

  2. Enter a Run Control ID and hit enter. 
    • If you don't remember your Run Control ID, click Search to view existing Run Control IDs.
    • Click Add a New Value to create a new Run Control ID.
    • A run control ID must be used to run any given report.

      Field NameR/O/CDescription
      Run Control IDR

      Name given to a series of settings used to run reports.  Many Run Control IDs can be saved for the same report, each with a different set of settings.  If the selected Run Control ID does not exist, click Add a New Value and enter the name to create it.

      The format of a Run Control ID can be as simple as a person's initials or more descriptive such as ClassReport.  A Run Control ID cannot include any spaces.

  3. The related report settings (RUN Control ID) appear.  Change report criteria as needed and click Run.

    Picture of the Class Schedule report criteria

  4. Check/change the Process Scheduler information as needed.

  5. Click Select button by the appropriate report to select that report for processing.

  6. Click OK.  This saves your settings and starts the reporting process.

    Picture of the Report Process Scheduler page

    Field Name
    Server NameRK-State only uses PSUNX server.
    RecurrenceOAllows for scheduling of the requested report.   Not recommended for use at this time.
    Run DateRThe date to run the report.  It will default to the current date.
    Run TimeRTime to run the report.  This defaults to the current time.
    TypeRMethod for distribution of the report.  Included are File, Email, Print, and Web.  For now only use the Type of Web.  Other Types of output may have unexpected results.

    File Format of the report.  Use either the PDF or CSV format.

    Depending on the report being run, you can use either format.  For the Class Schedule report use the PDF format as it is intended for view only.  For reports where data needs to be manipulated, it is recommended to use the Excel (CSV) format as intended for electronic manipulation.

  7. Notice the Process Instance number assigned to the report request. Click Report Manger to continue.

    Picture including the Process Instance and Report Manager Link highlighted

  8. Click the Administration tab to see if the report is ready to view.
    • If the Status says Posted, click the link in the Description column to view the report.
    • If the Status says anything else, click the Refresh button until it says Posted.

      Picture of the Administration tab with Description, Refresh and Status highlighted

  9. Click Schedule of Classes (KSU) (the name of the report in the Description column).
    • The system opens another window to launch the report in the format selected.

    • If a PDF document does not open, there is no output from the report request.  This usually means that the settings in the Run Control ID produced no results.  In some cases, as in some Class Schedule error reports, the absence of a report indicates that there is no data in the report.